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Jay Dallas

Photo: Jay Dallas

The son of the first Dental Hygiene director at Darton College, husband to Darton alumna, Nancy, and father of four who are all also Darton alums, Jay Dallas and his family are the very definition of a legacy.

A man with a sense of purpose and a calling in faith, Dr. Dallas is exactly how you would imagine him to be. Quick to smile, he listens with patience and empathy to the parishioners of St. Teresa’s Catholic Church where he has served as deacon for the last nine years. He is both loved and respected by his congregation and has a true gift for public speaking.

In December 2007, Darton College was honored to have Dr. Dallas as our commencement speaker. He spoke eloquently of finding a purpose in life and using your God-given talents. His words resonated within every graduate that evening for their simplicity and truth.

When he’s not serving as deacon or making speeches, he owns and operates the only dentist office in Arlington, Georgia, where his college sweetheart whom he met while attending Darton, also works as his office manager. His son, Nathan, attended Darton as well before graduating from the Medical College of Georgia Dental School last year. He now shares an office with his father, continuing the family tradition.

Dr. Dallas’ support and commitment to Darton College goes back decades. Watching his mother teach at Darton in its infancy, Dr. Dallas has a truly unique perspective of the college’s growth and importance in the community. “Darton’s been blessed with tremendous teachers and administrators. It has never stagnated, and continues to grow and serve the needs of students.”

He fondly recalls teaching on Darton’s campus after dental school. “My mother was the director of the Dental Hygiene program and stayed busy. So, I was recruited to teach the classes that she couldn’t.”

When asked about the student housing now available on campus he remarked, “I think it’s wonderful and wish it had been available when my four children were attending Darton. It would have alleviated a lot of worry since they were commuting from Arlington every day.”

Dr. Dallas is also a man who is at a stage in his life where he’s comfortable in his own skin. He’s a husband, a father, a grandfather, a businessman, and a deacon. After years of working hard to create a remarkable life through appreciating simple pleasures, he’s found a way to have it all and he’s truly enjoying it.

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