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Kyle Boyd

Photo: Kyle Boyd

Kyle Boyd has come a long way since he began Crown Networking Consultants in 2008. Although business is booming there's one thing he knows for sure - the training and education he gained while employed at Darton College has played a large role in his success.

Kyle spent three years working in Darton's Office of Information Technology before beginning Crown Networking Consultants in 2008. "The experience I gained at Darton and the opportunity to learn while working in such an enterprising environment was invaluable. It allowed me to broaden my horizons, think bigger, and in more challenging ways."

His desire to break out on his own was something he's always known he would do. "I'm a headstrong and determined person. I've always known what I wanted to do. I'm sitting here because of two years at Darton."

Although he's the one in charge, he's also the youngest in his company, which has four other employees. "I'm constantly looking for good, educated people and they're so hard to find. I agree with Darton going four year. We need it. Lawmakers need to listen to the needs of the community and make it happen. We need four-year people. The only way the community will change and improve is to have more educated four-year people."

Kyle is enjoying the new life he's experiencing and it's evident by the smile that's always on his face, even in the midst of checking his tenth email of the hour. Though not without its challenges, he thrives on the unknown each day brings. "This business is always challenging, and I'm always learning something new because it's always changing. Whether it's new ideas, new technology, new things. It's never static."

In the three short years he's been in operation, he's developed an impressive client base among the local businesses in the area, and he has a lot of advice for those that are thinking of starting any kind of business of their own. "First, you have to make sure that you enjoy it. That you can live it and breathe it. Second, you've also got to be patient, although that's not one of my virtues. You can never give up. There have been many days I've wanted to, but I don't. If you're patient enough, good things are going to happen. Third, you have to pay your dues. Everyone has to start somewhere. Just remember to take every experience as a learning experience and if you say you didn't learn anything from that experience, then you didn't do something right. Last, but most important, is to treat your customers the way that you expect to be treated. Be honest, trustworthy, and reliable."

Kyle is married to Leslie Boyd. They have one daughter, Merritt.

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