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Brock Vickers

While millions of Americans have watched the NBA finals and the World Cup, they have, no doubt, watched many athletes exaggerate when they were fouled and perhaps thought them a bit of an actor. Very rarely have such athletes studied theatre, no matter how over-acted their falls may appear. However, Darton State College graduate Brock Vickers was an athlete who not only earned his Associates of Arts with an emphasis on theatre, but he went on to earn his BA at Georgia Southern University and is now a company member of the Hedgerow Theatre in Rose Valley, Pennsylvania.

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Sadie Roberts

Photo: Sadie Roberts

Pre-Engineering '10

Darton State College Assistant Professor of Physics, Dr. Indra Mukhopadhyay recommended Sadie Roberts as a spotlight, because in his opinion she was by far one of the best students at Darton in the last five years.

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Barbara McLendon

Photo: Barbara McLendon

Barbara McLendon is one of Darton’s biggest cheer- leaders. For more than 20 years, she has dedicated her time to serving Darton State College – both in the classroom and as an alumnus.

Mrs. McLendon started her college career at Darton State College as a nontraditional student; a stay at home mother with three young daughters. While at Darton she juggled her household and a family business, and still graduated with a 3.88 GPA.

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Marshall Hooks

Photo: Marshall Hooks

Political Science ’08 

Marshall knew that he wanted a solid two-year academic foundation before attending a four-year university. “The educational guidance I attained from Darton professors helped shape my academic career and helped shape the person that I am today. I was always told that colleges will treat you as more of a number than as an individual, but with Darton that was not the case,” said Marshall.

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Theresa West

Photo: Theresa West

Business Education ’87

When Theresa West, a native of Southwest GA, graduated from Darton in 1987 she accomplished something no one else in her family had – she was the first of her six siblings and her family to graduate from college. Today she is a Business Administrative Technology Instructor and Internship Coordinator at Albany Technical College where she has been working since 1993. Theresa feels that her classes and experiences in the Student Government and the Baptist Collegiate Ministries at Darton prepared her to face future challenges.

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Constance Williams

Photo: Constance Williams

Constance Williams, class of 2003, moved to Albany from Phenix City, Alabama when her husband was offered a position as assistant district attorney. She fondly remembers her time and professors at Darton State College, especially Dr. Ragsdale and Mrs. Suttles, who encouraged her to keep studying even when times were tough.

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Wes Sadler

Photo: Wes Sadler

Wes Sadler, class of '92, is currently the president of the Darton State College Alumni Association, but this isn't his first time serving in a leadership role at Darton. While he attended school, he first served as the vice-president and then as the president of Student Government. Wes feels that it's important to give back to Darton, because of the appreciation he has for the contributions that Darton made in his life.

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Marcelious Willis

Photo: Marcelious Willis

Marcelious Willis is a young man to watch. A native of the Albany area, Marcelious chose Darton because it was cost effective and for its good reputation in helping students transfer into four-year institutions. He graduated from Darton in 2010 with a degree in pre-engineering and his choice of many prestigious four-year schools.

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David Marley

Photo: David Marley

Darton College alumnus and 2011 Soldier’s Marathon champion David Marley is no stranger to pain. It struck him in August 2006, when as a student-athlete David severed his anterior cruciate ligament, and there’s no doubt he faced a mental tug-of-war with agony again Saturday as he led hundreds of runners and even some professionals to the finish line of the 2011 Soldier’s Marathon in Columbus.

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Kyle Boyd

Photo: Kyle Boyd

Kyle Boyd has come a long way since he began Crown Networking Consultants in 2008. Although business is booming there's one thing he knows for sure - the training and education he gained while employed at Darton College has played a large role in his success.

Kyle spent three years working in Darton's Office of Information Technology before beginning Crown Networking Consultants in 2008. "The experience I gained at Darton and the opportunity to learn while working in such an enterprising environment was invaluable. It allowed me to broaden my horizons, think bigger, and in more challenging ways."

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