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Jay Dallas

Photo: Jay Dallas

The son of the first Dental Hygiene director at Darton College, husband to Darton alumna, Nancy, and father of four who are all also Darton alums, Jay Dallas and his family are the very definition of a legacy.

A man with a sense of purpose and a calling in faith, Dr. Dallas is exactly how you would imagine him to be. Quick to smile, he listens with patience and empathy to the parishioners of St. Teresa’s Catholic Church where he has served as deacon for the last nine years. He is both loved and respected by his congregation and has a true gift for public speaking.

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Barry Heape

Photo: Barry Heape

Barry Heape
CEO, DOCO Regional Federal Credit Union

From his office at the main branch of DOCO Regional Credit Union Barry Heape, President and CEO, makes decisions that affect many in the community; people he considers more than customers, but friends.

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Phil Cannon, Attorney

Photo: Phil Cannon, Attorney

Humble is the word that most comes to mind when talking to Phil Cannon. Born in Valdosta and raised in Cairo, Georgia, he possesses many of the traits that define a southern gentleman - honesty, a dedication to civic responsibility, small town ideals, and what he feels is a moral obligation to leave the world a little better off then when he entered it.

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Sherman Willis, Attorney

Photo: Sherman Willis, Attorney

Southern gentleman. It's a word that easily comes to mind when thinking of Sherman Willis. For many years, he has lived in our community and been a role model of integrity, modesty, and service, and as I sit talking with him, he instantly puts you at ease with humor – a Southern tradition that weaves its way into most conversations effortlessly when done by a true storyteller – which he is. He is also a father, a husband, a friend, an advisor, and a public servant.

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Robert Edwards, Photographer

Photo: Robert Edwards, Photographer

Robert Edwards considers himself a hybrid. Graduating from Albany Junior College in 1969, he worked for ten years in a large commercial studio, becoming its top photographer. His participation at conventions gave him his first in-depth look at portrait photography where he was "struck by the beauty of good portraits," and decided to go into business for himself. "From that point on, it’s been a continuing education process, where competitions have been a good way to associate with my peers and recharge."

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