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Choosing A Major

Tips on Choosing a Major

Darton College Seal on C BuildingBegin with self-reflection. In order to make informed choices about majors and careers, students need to first evaluate their values, interests, personality traits, and skills.

Evaluating these personal areas requires honest reflection and many students and alumni find it helpful to work with a Career professional to ensure that they are conducting a thorough self-assessment.

There is no "career test" that can determine what path you should pursue. However, there are a couple of career assessments offered through the Career Center that can help you identify careers related to your interests, personality type, values, and skills. We encourage you to discuss your results with the Career Development Center for a clear understanding of how this information can help you in career planning.

Consider what you learned through self-assessment and explore your options.

If you have trouble working through these steps, you might want to consider possible issues preventing you from making a decision. Many factors can contribute to the difficulty of choosing a major or career. We invite you to visit or call the Career Center to discuss choosing your major.

Once you have chosen a major or a possible list of majors, you can now discover What Can I Do With This Major.

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