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Darton Student - Camera ManApplications for eligible work study candidates must be filled out in the Career Center. We collect new applications two weeks prior to the start of a new semester. Acceptance of the application does not guarantee the applicant employment. Please come prepared with your availability and previous work experience so you can complete the application properly as preparedness makes a great first impression.

In order to be considered for Federal Work Study you must be enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours and have an unmet financial need. Students that are enrolled in less than 6 hours or paying for school out of their own pockets are not eligible for federal work study.

Apply for Campus Employment

Institutional Work Study is available to certain students but spaces are very limited.

Work Study is a great opportunity to allow students gain valuable experience, and earn income in the process. We enjoy having them involved in campus activities and we are flexible with their school schedules. With all this said work study students still have responsibilities in these positions and must satisfy all requirements for the employment.

Work Study Students:

  1. Cannot work over the amount of hours for which they are eligible.(19 is the maximum).
  2. Work Study Students are paid $7.25 an hour paid bi-weekly.
  3. If a Work Study Student drops classes it may affect their eligibility, so they must tell the Career Center Coordinator as well as the Financial Aid Office.
  4. They must have a social security card and ID to be hired.
  5. They report to a supervisor and can loose their position if they do not take this placement seriously.

For further information in regards to work study employment please contact the Career Center.

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