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Option 1: Dynamic Schedule Search Option
(a new window will open)

What it is: Use the Dynamic Schedule search option to narrow down the courses display to just a specific area of courses. First, select the term you wish to find classes for and press "Submit". Then, select the Subject you are wanting to find classes for and if you wish to narrow your results further, you may select other options that are available on the page. When you press "Class Search" a list of classes in that Subject will be displayed for you.

Option 2: Darton College Open Terms Class Schedule
(a new window will open)

What it is: Use the Darton College open terms class schedule search option to look up all the classes available for the term that you are interested. Simply use the drop down list to select the term, then choose the type of campus (if you have a preference) then press the "Go" button. A list of all the classes will be displayed for you.

Please note: if your monitor is set to a low resolution, you may need to scroll from left to right in order to see all of the information about the course. "Instructor" is the last piece of information for each course.

If you are having difficulty getting the schedule searches
to come up, please visit the Banner Help page.

Alternate Search Options