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Honors Program

Shani Clark, M.A.
Honors Program Coordinator
Asst. Professor of Communications
Building F, Room 121 B
(229) 317-6926

Edward (Ted) Butler, M.A.
Honors Program Recruiter
Asst. Professor Of History
Building I, Room 223
(229) 317-6807

Honors Video Presentation


Honors Program = Critical Thinking + Leadership Skills

Why join the Honors Program at Darton College?

Honors Program

The Honors Program provides transferable core-curriculum courses for highly motivated students who value participatory learning, scholarly exchange, and innovative instruction. Students are educated about western cultural heritage and current world affairs, and they gain exposure to controversial issues encountered in modern society.

Honors StudentsThe Honors Program provides students with opportunities for professional and personal development that will assist with their career goals and enhance their personal life. The Honors Program also requires students to become active in the community and participate in cultural enrichment activities.

Program Requirements and Structure

Honors Program participants must have a 3.0 High School GPA and a 1000 or higher SAT score on their combined verbal and writing sections, OR 3.4 Darton GPA (minimum Honors Program requirement). In lieu of an SAT score, a higher GPA is required. A completed application and unofficial transcript must be submitted to the Honors Coordinator.

The program offers two levels of achievement - Scholar and Sage.

Participation Hours

Honor studentsHow To Apply

Incoming freshmen are invited to apply through written correspondence as early as possible. Applications for admission are also available from the Honors Program Coordinator or through the Admissions Office.

For more information, contact:

Downloads: Honors Application | Program Information Sheet


In addition to the academic and cultural benefits of being enrolled in the Honors Program, participants receive a $200 stipend per semester for full participation in the program.

Honor Classes for Spring 2015*

SPRING 2015:
  • ENGL 1102 MWF 9:00-9:50 20314 Garner
  • HIST 1112 MWF 11:00-11:50 20238 Butler
  • LEAD 1101** TR 11:00-11:50 20587 Perkins
  • POLS 1101 TR 9:30-10:45 20627 Price
  • PSYC 1101 TR 11:00-12:15 20693 Goodin
  • HLTH 1163 ONLINE 20321 Abraham
  • SPAN 1001 MWF 10:00-10:50 20551 Saavedra
    • This is a split course with a separate CRN - 7 spaces for honors students
  • SPAN 1002 TR 9:30-10:45 20554 Saavedra
    • This is a split course with a separate CRN - 7 spaces for honors students
  • ENGL 2132 TR 11:00-12:15 20427 Barker
    • This is a split course with a separate CRN 7 spaces for honors students
  • ENGL 2122 ONLINE 20174 Smith
    • This is a split course with a separate CRN 15 spaces for honors students
  • LEAD 1101** ONLINE 20601 Staff
    • This is a split course with a separate CRN - 10 spaces for honors students
  • SOCI 1101 ONLINE 20729 Goodner
    • This is a split course with a separate CRN - 5 spaces for honors students

*A variety of other courses are available as determined each semester, please contact the Honors Program Coordinator or Recruiter for details.
**Please note: Some of the honors classes are split courses with a specific number of spots reserved for honors students. All students who applied and were accepted into the Honors Program are required to take the Honors Leadership Development course (LEAD 1101-Honors) in order to graduate from the program.