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Auxiliary Services

Contact Information:

Bookstore - 229-317-6755

Mr. Arnaldo DeJesus, Store Manager, 229 317-6757
Mr. Mike Land, Textbook Manager, 229-317-6758

Dining Services

Ms. Amanda Peterson, General Manager, 229-317-6893

Auxiliary Contract Liaison

Ms. Martha Snow, 229-317-6770
Ms Eleanor Adair, 229-317-6589
Fax: 229-317-6672

The Auxiliary Services Department of Darton State College is comprised of the Darton State College Bookstore, Vending, Food Service establishments, catering, and Student Transportation Units.

Units are either owned or operated by Darton State College and the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia or services are contracted to a private business. All units operate independently of each other. It is the responsibility of the Auxiliary Contract Liaison and Assistant to see that all units function properly and within the rules and regulations set forth by the State of Georgia and as per contractual obligations.

The Darton State College Bookstore is leased and operated by the Follett Higher Education Group (FHEG). Food Service operations are provided through a management contract with Sodexo Education Services. Catering policies dictate that requests for catering any function on campus be facilitated by Sodexo. The General Manager of the dining services is the contact for catering information. He/she may be reached at 229-317-6893 or dining @darton.edu. Issues relating to meal plans may be directed to Ms. Adair in the Office of the Auxiliary Contract Liaison, 229-317-6589.

No student, state, or federal funding is allocated to operate any of the auxiliary units. The units must be self-sufficient. They must operate as any other small business being sure that the profit and loss statement each month does not indicate a deficit balance in operations.

Funds from auxiliary revenues must be used to replace any equipment, to include computers, cash registers, grills, fryers, etc. No state or federal funds may be used to purchase any product or equipment that is considered a part of the auxiliary operation. All costs incurred for operating auxiliary units must be paid from revenue generated from the sales of products or services.

Darton State College is committed to serving the student on campus in a friendly and helpful environment. We are very student oriented and are willing to assist any way possible. Please call Mrs. Snow at 229-317-6770 should you have questions or problems that cannot be resolved by discussing with the appropriate department manager. We are here to make your stay at Darton State College a pleasant one.

The Auxiliary Services department is responsible for the information on this page.
For questions regarding content, or for further information, please contact Email: Martha Snow.

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