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Refunds are going online!!

To set up your account to receive a Direct Deposit Refund, follow these 10 easy steps

  1. Click Pay fees online/set up direct deposit refund.
  2. Sign into our payment/refund system. You will need your student ID# which begins with 919-XX-XXXX and your MyDC Password. See the instructions at the bottom of the page for password assistance or contact the Technology Services Division at 229-317-6704 for assistance.
  3. Once signed in, go to My Profiles. Verify your email information is correct and if you would like to get information regarding your account via text, please enter your phone number and your mobile carrier and save your changes.
  4. Click on Payment Profile (at the top of the page under my profiles). Here is where you set your account to pay or to receive refunds.
  5. Select a “Payment Method”.

    A refund on your student account WILL NOT process to a credit card.
    You will need to set up a checking or savings account for the refund to process into.

  6. Once the payment method has been selected, give the account a nickname and fill in the rest of the required information. Make sure if this is the account you want your refund deposited in that you click on the refund option. Then SAVE!
  7. Once saved, the system will bring up an agreement. Read it and click “I agree” and continue.
  8. You should come back to the payment profile page. The account you set up should have a green check mark under “Use for Refunds”.
  9. This completes the set-up of your account for Direct Deposit Refunds.

NOTE: If you have already set your account up for making payments with a check, all you have to do is edit your payment profile and click the refund option and save. You should see a green check by that account in your payment profile.

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