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International Programs
At Darton College

Darton State College and the University System of Georgia provide a wealth of opportunities and resources for community, student body, and faculty interested in International Education. If you don't find what you're looking for in the links below, any of the contact persons given for the various programs should be able to refer you to the information you need.

International Student Program
        International Student Coordinator, 317-6924, darton_international@darton.edu
International Certificates & Other Programs
Travel Abroad Programs at Darton College

Cultural Exchange Club

The Cultural Exchange Club is open to all Darton students interested in learning about a variety of cultures. The purpose of the club is to promote in the college community a greater awareness of diverse cultures and to provide students with diverse backgrounds an academic and personal network.

ESOL Program (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

The ESOL Program offers courses in speaking, listening, grammar and writing for members of the community and international students who need or wish to refine their skills in the English language.
        Elizabeth Perkins, office F-101C, 317-6554