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Student Organizations

Darton College students have an opportunity to become active in many campus clubs and organizations. These groups offer students another opportunity within the educational process to broaden his/her environment. The purpose and proposed activities of all clubs or organizations shall be clearly related to the educational goals and mission of the College.

The following is a list of registered clubs and organizations. Other clubs and organizations may be formed in the future, based on the needs and desires of the student body.

  Click here for the Current Student Handbook
CLUB ADVISORS: Click here for the Club Advisors Handbook
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  Click here for the Club Budget Request & Recharter Form*
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Guidelines For Budget Requests Sample Budget Request Budget Request Appeal Form

For more information on any of the organizations listed below,
contact the Office of Student Activities, located in the Student Center, Room 112.

Please use the Faculty/Staff Directory Lookup to find out how to contact an advisor.

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Darton College Student Organizations
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