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Registration Procedures - Summer 2014

All registration (with the exception of learning support students) at Darton State College is conducted through the web through MyDC. There are 2 phases of registration:

Advising/Early Registration: April 7th April 25th

All currently enrolled students are eligible to participate in Advising /Early Registration. Students are strongly encouraged to register during this phase. Any student registered during the Spring term can register for Summer and/or Fall at this time. Students will be notified via their Darton email account with more details approximately 1 week prior to the beginning of Advising/Early Registration.

All new and readmitted students whose files are complete will be invited to register during this time as well. Invitations will be mailed to eligible students.

Final Registration May: 19th

Available to new, readmitted, and all currently enrolled students. All students will have the opportunity to register at an earlier registration period and are encouraged to do so. Final registration day involves long lines and long wait times; therefore, students are encouraged to early register. All admissions info must be submitted at least 1 week prior to final registration date to ensure ample time for processing.

All Students

A Drop/Add session is offered within the first week of classes. Please see campus calendar for posted dates.

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Web Registration Tutorial Video

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