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In addition to the various Student Activity programs offered at Darton State College, the Department of Campus Life also promotes and facilitates student involvement in a variety of on-campus clubs and organizations. These clubs represent an expansive assortment of topics including sport clubs, international organizations, religious organizations, academic honorary organizations and other special interest clubs who’s interest centers around academic area of study.

Clubs & Organizational Directory

Organization Description
Sigma Kappa Delta

Sigma Kappa Delta is an English honor society for two-year colleges. Darton State College is the Pi Delta chapter. We have been recognized nationally for our student success and our service. The organization is open to all interested, and students may join as a national or associate member. For more information, call (229) 317-6554, elizabeth.perkins@darton.edu or christina.cooper@darton.edu.

Contact Elizabeth Perkins or Christina V. Cooper for more information.

Alpha Mu Gamma

The purposes of Alpha Mu Gamma, the National Collegiate Foreign Language Honor Society, are to (1) recognize achievement in foreign language study, (2) nurture an interest in the study of foreign languages, literature and civilizations, (3) stimulate a desire for linguistic attainment and (4) foster sympathetic understanding of other people through the medium of languages. For more information, contact Shigeru Tanaka at (229) 317 6913, shigeru.tanaka@darton.edu or Mary Washington at (229) 317 6761, mary.washington@daton.edu.

Contact Shigeru Tanaka or Mary Washington for more information.


ArtDarton shall spread the love and appreciation of Art in all of its mediums to faculty, staff, students, and other personnel on campus as well as to the community at large. ArtDarton shall be active on and off campus to work with Darton and the Community in any project deemed to uphold our goals and aspirations. For more information, contact Michael C. Mallard at (229) 317-6244, michael.mallard@darton.edu or Abigail W. Bellard at (229)-317-6853, abigail.bellard@darton.edu.

Contact Michael C. Mallard or Abigail W. Bellard for more information.

BCM - Baptist Collegiate Ministries

The Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM) is a faith-based student organization, which is open to all Darton students. We strive to be a light by serving Christ, campus, and community, and most importantly, by sharing the gospel. We are here to support and help college students grow in their faith, and are an outlet for them to connect with other Christian students on campus. For more information, contact David J. Latona at (229) 317-6816, david.latona@darton.edu.

Contact David J. Latona for more information.

CEC - Cultural Exchange Club

The purpose of the organization is to promote cultural diversity among international students, American students, and the community through establishing a group where campus involvement and promoting diverse ethnicities and nationalities is easily accessible for all students. By utilizing activities, educational events, and diverse programming, students can more easily become involved and immersed in Darton State College and the community. For more information, contact Cortney L. Dowdle at (229)-317-6924, cortney.dowdle@darton.edu or Jeremiah Pitts at (229)-317-6860, jeremiah.pitts@darton.edu.

Contact Cortney L. Dowdle or Jeremiah Pitts for more information.

Circle K International

Our mission is to develop Darton State College students into responsible leaders with a commitment to serve the community. For more information, contact Roger Marietta at (229) 317-6808, roger.marietta@darton.edu or Shane Smith at (229) 317-6851, enoch.smith@darton.edu or Tina Burney at (229) 317-6992, tina.burney@darton.edu.

Contact Roger Marietta or Shane Smith for more information.

Competition Shooting Team

Competition Shooting Team is a group of gun enthusiasts who provide gun safety education and firearms training. They also participate in skeet/trap shooting contests. For more information, contact Teresa Eberhardt at (229) 317-6874, teresa.eberhardt@darton.edu or Jeremiah Pitts at (229) 317-6860, jeremiah.pitts@darton.edu.

Contact Teresa Eberhardt or Jeremiah Pitts for more information.

Criminal Justice Club (Omega Xi Theta)

Improve knowledge of criminal justice through educational activities. Promote professional, academic, and public awareness of criminal justice issues. Encourage the establishment and expansion of higher education and professional training in criminal justice. Promote higher standards of ethical Conduct, professional training, and higher education within the criminal justice field. Continue to uphold the excellence of education in the field of criminal justice. Provide a unified voice for professionals in, and students of, criminal justice. Foster professionalism in law enforcement personnel and agencies. For more information, contact Jason D. Armstrong at (229) 317-6837, jason.armstrong.1@darton.edu.

Contact Jason D. Armstrong for more information.

Dance Company

The Darton College Dance Company is a pre-professional dance company that is a brand new addition to our dance program. This dance troupe will perform on our campus, throughout the community and regionally. Students who major in dance have the opportunity to audition and upon acceptance will have to sign a contract for the semester. The mission of Darton College Dance Company is to bring dance and the arts to Darton College and southwest Georgia through performances and events, while educating our students on art of dance. For more information, contact Elizabeth Delancy at (229) 317-6991, elizabeth.delancy@darton.edu

Contact Elizabeth Delancy for more information.

DANS - Darton Association of Nursing Students

DANS is an organization composed of Darton Nursing Students with a goal of promoting nursing ideals. Our success as a club is based on the participation of over 500 nursing students here at Darton. Our voice is heard at state and national conventions. We assist with events at Darton as well as in the community, health fairs, blood drives, memory walk, light the night, snickers marathon just to name a few of the many projects for DANS. We encourage you to join the fun and meet your fellow nursing students. DANS is also a great networking tool allowing you to access tips and strategies from senior students. Come join us! For more information, contact Nancy C. Mitchell at (229) 317-6502, nancy.mitchell@darton.edu or Andrea L. Dozier (229) 317-6454, andrea.dozier@darton.edu. or Larecia M. Gill at (229) 317-6827 larecia.gill@darton.edu.

Contact Nancy C. Mitchell or Andrea L. Dozier for more information.

Darton Organization of Respiratory Care Students

To promote respiratory health and overall knowledge of respiratory therapy among students, faculty, and the community. For more information, contact Katie Brown at (229) 317 6897, kathryn.brown@darton.edu.

Contact Katie Brown for more information.

Darton Players

Darton Players (the college's drama club) exists to bring together students, faculty,staff, and community people interested in presenting quality dramatic productions, thereby stimulating and raising the cultural interest and knowledge of the college and community. The organization also exists to foster better communication with other colleges and community organizations. The Players consists of Theatre majors and all who have participated in Darton State College theatre productions. For more information, contact Deborah Liss-Green at (299) 317-6875, deborah.lissgreen@darton.edu.

Contact Deborah Liss-Green for more information.

Darton State College Ambassadors

The Darton State College Ambassadors is an organization built of leaders. Our goal is to serve the college and give everyone the best experience of Darton State College. We help out with all events held here at Darton e.g. commencement and visitation days. For more information, contact Kristin M. Speegle at (229) 317-6942, kristin.speegle@darton.edu or Caitlin Bailey at (229) 317-6941, caitlin.bailey@darton.edu.

Contact Kristin M. Speegle or Caitlin Bailey for more information.

Delta Psi Omega

The purpose of this chapter of Delta Psi Omega is to stimulate interest in dramatic activities in Darton State College and to secure for the college all the advantages of a large national honorary fraternity, and by electing worthy students to membership, serve as a reward for their efforts in participating in the plays staged by the dramatic organizations of the college. This cast in no way aims to take the place of the regular college dramatic club. For more information, contact Deborah Liss-Green at (229) 317-6875, deborah.lissgreen@darton.edu.

Contact Deborah Liss-Green for more information.

DIRT - Democratic Independent Republican Team

Discuss political issues, provide forums on political topics, educate students, help with voter registration, sponsors candidate forums. For more information, contact Roger Marietta at (229) 317-6808, roger.marietta@darton.edu.

Contact Roger Marietta for more information.

DSTV - Darton Student Television

We, the members of Darton State Student Television, establish this media outlet to provide students opportunities for advancing the study of journalism and media, for developing skills in video production, and for providing information to better inform the students of Darton State College. The organization will work to provide opportunities for leadership, creativity, and dialogue to the college campus and the community. DSTV will provide students, interested in journalism and television production, an outlet to produce original content. For more information, contact Abigail (Abby) Ward Bellard at (229) 317-6853, abigail.bellard@darton.edu.

Contact Abigail (Abby) Ward Bellard for more information.

Environmental Awareness Club

The Environmental Awareness Club (EAC) promotes environmental awareness on campus. Membership is open to all currently enrolled students. For more information, contact Shigeru Tanaka at (229) 317-6913, shigeru.tanaka@darton.edu or Mary Washington at (229) 317-6761, mary.washington@darton.edu

Contact Shigeru Tanaka or Mary Washington for more information.

Fishing Club

The purpose of the Fishing Club is to represent Darton State College while providing an opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to fish in various categories of competitive and non-competitive recreational fishing including, but not limited to bass angling, fly fishing, offshore fishing, and flats fishing. The Fishing Club competes with other schools in fishing tournaments on a local and regional basis. The Fishing Club holds safety as the highest priority and seeks to promote good sportsmanship and character to it members and affiliates. The Fishing Club respects the environment and the natural habitat of all species of fish. For more information, contact Michael Harbuck at (229) 317-6981, michael.harbuck@darton.edu.

Contact Michael Harbuck for more information.

MESA - The Mathematics Engineering and Science Achievement

MESA is an academic enrichment program that provide community college math, engineering and science majors support so they can excel academically and transfer to four-year institutions to complete their degrees in science, math and engineering fields. Membership in the MESA Program is limited to women and minorities majoring in the science, math and engineering field and planning to transfer to a four-year institution to complete their degrees. Membership in the MESA Club is open to all students. For more information, contact Lauren Mueller at (229) 317-6797, lauren.mueller@darton.edu or Sonya Parker at (229) 317-6885, sonya.parker@darton.edu

Contact Lauren Mueller or Sonya Parker for more information.

Military Student Organization

The Darton College Military Student Organization acts as the voice for our military students (Active, Veteran, Guard, and Reserves) and their family members. Membership is open to all Darton students. For more information, contact Stefane Raulerson at (229) 317-6538, stefane.raulerson@darton.edu

Contact Stefane Raulerson for more information.

Music Club

The Music Club members serve as music ambassadors for the Music Department and Darton State College. Members expand music offerings and awareness to Darton student body through music performance, community service and projects. Membership is open to all Darton students. Provide a nurturing environment for musical creativity and performance. The music club members foster the musical arts through performance, support and attendance at musical events. For more information, contact Dr. Jeffery L. Kluball at (229) 317-6856, jeff.kluball@darton.edu.

Contact Jeffery L. Kluball for more information.

Outdoor Adventure Club

The Outdoor Adventure Club provided outdoor recreation opportunities for Darton College students. Students who enjoy the outdoors are given a venue through which to meet other students with similar interests. It also provides unique opportunities for students such as caving, SCUBA diving, rock climbing, fly fishing, etc. Many participants have never had an opportunity to camp or to participate in these activities before. The club also promotes outdoor education, responsible and safety conscious behaviors and the sustainable use of our natural resources. For more information, contact Joshua B. Fulmer at (229) 317-6778, joshua.fulmer@darton.edu.

Contact Joshua B. Fulmer for more information.

Paralegal Student Association

To promote awareness of issues related to the field of paralegal studies, provide a forum for networking with students and professionals, and advance professionalism and excellence in the paralegal field. For more information, contact Valerie Cochran at (229) 317-6517, valerie.cochran@darton.edu.

Contact Valerie Cochran for more information.

Phi Theta Kappa-Chi Xi Chapter

The purpose of Phi Theta Kappa is to recognize and encourage the academic achievement of two-year college students and provide opportunities for individual growth and development through participation in honors, leadership, service, and fellowship programming. Membership is by invitation for those students who have achieved academic excellence as signified by a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or above after the completion of a minimum of twelve GPA credit hours (see transcript in MyDC). For more information, contact Frank Malinowski at (229) 317-6769, frank.malinowski@darton.edu.

Contact Frank Malinowski for more information.

Science Club

The purpose of this organization is to promote a general interest in the natural sciences at Darton College, and to relate these sciences with real-life, career-based experiences. For more information, contact Taylor Wars at 229-317-6883, taylor.wars@darton.edu.

Contact Taylor Wars for more information.

Servant Leadership

Darton State College's Club Servant Leadership is dedicated to developing each individual student's unique leadership skills to include a sense of community, civility, strong ethical and caring behavior, while creating opportunities for these students to interact with others of similar values and interests. The Club serves as an administrative body for the Servant Leadership Program. Club members will coordinate and manage program activities and events such as community service projects, on-campus activities, regional service trips, and seminars. For more information, contact Dr. Kelsey Woodard at (229) 317-6336, kelsey.woodard@darton.edu.

Contact Kelsey Woodard for more information.

SGA - Student Government Association

The Student Government Association serves as a liaison and provides a forum of communication and recommendation between the students of Darton College and the Administration, the Board of Regents, the state government, and the public. Membership consists of the Executive Council, the Senate and the Cabinet. Senators must possess at least a 2.0 GPA. Executive Council members must possess at least a 2.5 GPA. For more information, contact Guilherme Moura at (229) 317-6500, guilherme.moura@darton.edu.

Contact Guilherme (Gill) Moura for more information.

Sigma Delta Mu

The purposes of this society are to honor those who seek and attain excellence in the study of the Spanish language and in the study of the literature and the culture of Spanish-speaking people. To honor those who strive to make the Hispanic contribution to modern culture better known to the English-speaking people. To encourage students in two-year colleges and in the first three semesters of four-year colleges and universities to acquire a greater interest in, and a deeper understanding of Hispanic culture. To foster friendly relations and mutual respect between the nations of Hispanic speech and those of English speech. for more information, contact Dr. Naida E. Saavedra at (229) 317 6852, naida.saavedra@darton.edu.

Contact Dr. Naida E. Saavedra for more information.

SOTA - Student Occupational Therapy Association

The Student Occupational Therapy Association (S.O.T.A.) is a club formed to promote a better understanding of occupational therapy and the important roles played by occupational therapy professionals. Enhancement of public knowledge of the field in general and the Occupational Therapy Assistant role is promoted. Any student may be a member of this organization provided they are currently enrolled in Darton College, and are interested in Occupational Therapy career opportunities. For more information, contact Tonya Curles at (229)317-6907, tonya.curles@darton.edu or Dr. Jeff Etheridge at (229) 317-6908, jeff.etheridge@darton.edu.

Contact Tonya Curles or Jeff Etheridge for more information.

SPAGE - Students Professional Association of Georgia Educators

The purposes of SPAGE are as follows: (a). To give students practical experience in working together and in working with other SPAGE chapters and/or the state organization on the challenges of the profession and of society; (b). To acquaint students with the history, ethics, organization, policies, and programs of the state organization; (c). To develop among pre-teachers an understanding of the teaching profession through participation in the local and state organization; (d). To interest capable young men and women in education as a professional career and to encourage the practice of high standards of personal and professional conduct among pre-teachers; (e). To promote quality education; and (f). To hold meetings and conferences for the mutual improvement and education of members. For more information, contact Cheryl P. Lucas at (229) 317-6009, cheryl.lucas@darton.edu.

Contact Cheryl P. Lucas for more information.

The Honors Association

The purpose of the organization is to provide an organizational structure for students in the Honors Program to engage in extracurricular social and enrichment committee. For more information, contact Shani Clark at (229) 317-6926, shani.clark@darton.edu.

Contact Shani Clark for more information.

Young Democrats

The purpose of this organization is to support the Democratic Party on all levels, to help educate the electorate, register voters and give students a way to become more active in the democratic process. For more information, contact Patrick Garner at (229) 317-6871, patrick.garner@darton.edu.

Contact Patrick Garner for more information.

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