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Procedures for Organizing Clubs

Initial Procedure for Recognition of Student Organizations

  1. Applications

    An organization seeking recognition must submit an Application for Organization Recognition to the Director of Student Activities on the form furnished by that Office. A constitution and bylaws must be submitted with the application.

  2. Hearing

    The Director of Student Activities shall examine each application and reject those not submitted in proper form. The Director may request a hearing on the proposed recognition and may request that the hearing be held before the Student Services Committee. He may request oral or documentary evidence and will preserve a record of the hearing for use in event of appeals.

    The application is submitted to the SGA for approval. If the SGA endorses the application, and if the Director of Student Activities recommends approval, the application is submitted to the Vice President for Student Affairs for approval.

Criteria for Recognition and Review Procedure

  1. Recognition shall be granted to those organizations whose purpose and proposed activities are clearly related to the education, goals and mission of the College. Recognition shall be denied if the evidence presented shows that the proposed organization will present substantial likelihood of material interference or conflict with the educational process of the College or any of the following:

    1. The regular and orderly operation of the College.
    2. The requirements of appropriate discipline within the College community.
    3. The academic pursuits of teaching, learning, and other campus activities.
    4. The laws or public policies of the State of Georgia and the United States.
    5. The statutes and regulations of the College and the policies of the Board of Regents.
  2. If the Vice President of Student Affairs does not approve recognition, the organization may appeal the decision to the President of the College, who shall review the same and affirm, reverse, or modify the decision. The appeal shall be in such form as the President may require.

Forms for Organization of Clubs

Forms must be printed, signed and returned to the Office of Student Activities

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