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Steps to be taken for On-campus Events and Programs

Once travel funds have been approved by the Student Services Committee,
the following steps should be taken in order to prepare for an on-campus event or program.

Process/Steps When should the form be sent? To whom should the form be sent?
Step 1.) Complete a Pre-Event form in Orgsync. At least 10 days prior to trip
Suggested: Complete all Pre-Event forms at the beginning of each semester
The Department of Campus Life
Step 2.) Complete a “Request to schedule activity, facility, service” (P-32) form if the event is to be held on campus except for athletic and P.E. facilities. Form is located in the “Forms” section in Orgsync. At least 10 business days prior to the event date The Department of Campus Life to be sent to Continuing Education
Step 3.) If the event requires the use of any athletic Wellness or P.E. facility, a (P-32A) form should be completed. At least 10 business days prior to the event date The Physical Education Department-Amanda Joiner
Step 4.) Complete all necessary purchase requisitions and check requests for food, materials, or services needed for the event. Suggested: Complete 4-5 weeks prior to the date materials or services are needed The Department of Campus Life
Step 5.) If students are to be involved in physical activities, a waiver of liability and convention not to sue form should be completed by each student participating. This is done by registering on Orgsync and completing the profile information. Prior to any physical activity The advisor should ensure that all club members have registered on Orgsync and completed the profile information.
Responsible Department: Department of Campus Life
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