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Meet the Campus Life Team

Our friendly staff is ready, willing, and able to help you explore the many different options and programs available to you as part of the Campus Life Program. Please visit us during our operating hours in C-225 and C-137.

Operating Hours
8:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. Monday Friday.

We also encourage you to contact us via email regarding our programs and activities at

Assistant Dean for Campus Life

Photo: Eric O'Cain

Name: Eric O’Cain
I joined the OSA team on: Summer of 2005
Favorite food: Grilled catfish and grits
Favorite thing about Darton: I love that we attempt to be the best of the best in every area.
My first car was: 1986 Red Ford “Danger Ranger”
My favorite movie is: The Patriot, Gladiator, Pulp Fiction, Cool Hand Luke, and Braveheart

Assistant Director of Campus Life

Photo: Michael Harbuck

Name: Michael Harbuck
I joined the OSA team on: February 2010
Favorite food: Mac & Cheese
Favorite thing about Darton: The students and the community they create on campus.
My first car was: 1994, Red Ford Ranger
My favorite movie is: 61

Outdoor Recreation and Education Coordinator

Photo: Josh Fulmer

Name: Josh Fulmer
I joined the team on: August 2013
Favorite food: Anything cooked over an open flame
Favorite thing about Darton: The Outdoor facilities
My first car was: 1989 GMC Truck
My favorite movie is: Metropolis

Campus Life Coordinator

Photo: Gill Moura

Name: Gill Moura
I joined the team on: September 2013
Favorite food: Rice and Beans
Favorite thing about Darton: Campus Life events
My first car was: 2002 Honda Civic
My favorite movie is: Gladiator

Administrative Assistant - Part Time

Photo: Kristi Giddens

Name: Kristi Giddens
I joined the team on: August 2014
Favorite food:  
Favorite thing about Darton:  
My first car was:  
My favorite movie is:  

Video and Photography Assistant

Photo: Nikenson Charles

Name: Nikenson Charles (Nike)
I joined the team on: July 2013
Favorite food: Chicken Wings
Favorite thing about Darton: The student centered staff
Favorite Quote: For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he
My favorite movie is: Good Deeds

The Department of Campus Life department is responsible for the information on this page.
For questions regarding content, or for futher information, please contact Eric O'Cain or Gill Moura.

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