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Advising Center

Photo: Deena Newman helping a StudentWhat is the Advising Center?

The Advising Center is a place where students can come and receive 1-on-1 guidance during their Darton experience. We can help you:

How do I look up my advisor? Click to find out.

Photo: Advising students       Photo: Students

The Advising Center is located upstairs in the Student Center,
C-217, and is open from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Photo: Student Affairs PersonnelWho are we?

Tanya Anderson C-103 B 317-6867
Ryan Tindell C-103 L 317-6734
Karly Harrell C-103 G 317-6775
Deena Newman C-103 I 317-6738
Jason Swords C-103 M 317-6449

Who do we advise?

First-time freshmen (excluding Nursing & Allied Health students)
Readmitted students (excluding Nursing & Allied Health students)
Undecided majors (unless enrolled in a Learning Support class)

E-mail for more information about the Advising Center.

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