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Disability Services


Building C, Room 103 B
(229) 317-6249

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

"Almost one in 11 full-time freshmen enrolled in college in 1991 reported they had a disability, up from one in 38 in 1978. However, only a small portion of the students who report on surveys that they have disabilities actually request accommodations."

Are you a student with a covered condition?

Typical ADA Covered Conditions

If you are unsure whether your condition is covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act, contact the DS office for a consultation.

Disability Services

All students with a disability are strongly encouraged to register with the Disability Services office at the time of making application. Students must self-identify in order to receive accommodations. System accommodations require approval from the Regents Center for Learning Disorders. Documentation should be turned in 6-8 weeks in advance for RCLD review.

Darton State College is a highly accessible campus, with level terrain, building ramps and elevators, strategically located handicapped parking and curb cuts, and convenient restrooms.

The Disability Services office arranges classroom and program access, as well as linking disabled students with the following services:

  • Assistive technology
    • text readers
    • adaptive computers
    • recorders
    • CCTV, etc.
  • Peer tutoring
  • Readers
  • Interpreters
  • Individualized testing
  • Special registration
  • Counseling
  • Support groups
  • University System assessments
  • Coping skills instruction
  • Study skills assistance
  • Transcription
  • Text enlargement

Assistive Technology

The college maintains a CCTV for visually impaired students. An adaptive computer with JAWS for Windows, a scanner, and other adaptive software is located in the Computer Lab. Tape recorders, tape transcription, and text enlargement are available through the DS office.  The Coordinator of Disability Services will assist any student in determining assistive technology needs.

Study Skills

Counseling Services provides assistance with study and test-taking skills, as well as test anxiety. Assistance with developing special coping skills for learning disabled students is provided by the DS Coordinator.

Classroom Accommodations

Upon the student's request, the DS Coordinator will work with instructors to devise reasonable classroom and testing accommodations. Based on the specific nature of each student's documented disability, these may include such adjustments as special seating, note takers, enlarged class notes, separate testing, extended test time, or alternative testing formats.

Students need to be aware that rules of conduct and attendance policy apply to all students regardless of disabilities.

Eligibility Criteria:
To qualify to accommodations, students must submit documentation that meets the Board of Regents criteria. "Secondary education eligibility reports, individualized educational plans and provision of special education services in and of themselves are not sufficient documentation for college-level accommodations, although this information should be included with reports from any comprehensive evaluation. If no prior services or accommodations have been provided, this needs to be carefully explained as learning disabilities and related disorders are not typically newly identified in adulthood." (Academic Affairs Handbook)

To read a complete description of the criteria for documentation, please visit the following link:

University System Assessment

The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia has established three centers for the provision of assessment, resources, and research related to students within the University System who have learning disorders. Darton State College is affiliated with the Regents Center for Learning Disorders at Georgia Southern University.

The Center will provide comprehensive standardized assessments for individuals with learning problems due to a suspected specific learning disability, recommendations regarding how to best maximize students' functioning in college, and information relevant to addressing requests for special accommodations from the University System or local unit policies. The fee for the evaluation is $400.00 for students submitting completed applications and deposits after November 1, 2002 and by November 1, 2003.  The fee will increase to $500.00 for students submitting completed applications and deposits after November 1, 2003.

Student requests for the following accommodations to University System policies must be validated with current psychological evaluation data. This evaluation can be obtained at the Center or through private evaluations based on approved System criteria which are then referred to the Center for review.

  • Substitution of the CPC foreign language requirement
  • Additional quarters in Learning Support
  • Regents' Test or Collegiate Placement Examination (CPE) modifications other than those specified by current policy and procedure

Students wishing accommodations other than the three System accommodations must process the request through the DS office and satisfy institutional policies. A copy of the Policies and Procedures for Disability Services is located in the Office of Disability Services, Building C, Room 103 C.

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