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Announcement from the VP of Student Affairs

Mr. Rocco Cappello is the Dean of Students and Director of Housing & Residence Life. Born and raised in New York, Rocco attended C.W. Post, Long Island University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in music. Later he earned a Master’s degree in Education from Manhattanville College.

As the Dean of Students / Director of Housing & Residence Life Rocco Cappello will oversee Campus Life, Service-Learning & Civic Engagement, Evening Operations, Housing and Residence Life, and Student Conduct. This new position seeks to promote community, scholarship, and civility by holding students accountable to the Student Code of Conduct, and eventually the Honor Code. Rocco is leading a team of faculty, staff, and students in the College's Civility Campaign. “The goal of the Civility Campaign is to assist community members in understanding the importance of ethical and intentional decision making within the Darton community and beyond.”

“I am very excited about the opportunity to work with the amazing students, faculty and staff at Darton State College. I hope to impact the Darton community with my positivity and energy. I know together we can do great things! I look forward to working with each and every one of you”-Rocco Cappello.

Feel free to visit Dean Cappello in the Student Center, room 208 or call him at 229-317-6260 if you need any assistance.

Dr. Carter
Interim Vice President for Student Affairs

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About Us

The Division of Student Affairs delivers quality customer service through three focus areas: (1) Enrollment Management, (2) Center for Student Success, and (3) Student Life.

Enrollment Management’s primary focus is student services. The team members work together to plan and implement recruitment, progression, and graduation strategies of students. This division includes the Office of Admissions, Dual Enrollment (ACCEL), the Office of Financial Aid, Records & Registration, and the Testing Center.

The Center for Student Success identifies and implements academic programs that support progress toward graduation and enriched student experiences. The Center includes Advising, Peer Tutoring, Career Development, Counseling, Disability Services, the International Student Program, the Office of Military and Adult Education, and Minority Advising Programs.

Student Life strives to engage students in active learning and leadership that enhances classroom experiences while maintaining exceptional auxiliaries to accommodate the needs of the college community. Student Life includes the Office of the Dean of Students, Campus Life (Student Activities), Service-Learning & Civic Engagement, Housing & Residence Life, and Evening Operations.


The mission of the Division of Student Affairs at Darton State College is to engage students in student-centered learning experiences that foster academic and personal success. The members of the division collaborate with students, faculty, and staff to create welcoming, supportive, and challenging environments that facilitate personal excellence, celebrate differences, and promote civic and community engagement.


We work with faculty and staff to ensure that student success is our top priority.


We value...

  • Knowledge by supporting and encouraging students in their academic pursuits by helping them identify and pursue lifelong learning opportunities and guiding them toward their passion. We value knowledge by supporting and encouraging staff members in their professional development goals.
  • Integrity is the moral compass by which we act with fairness, behave with sincerity, and follow through with honesty.
  • Accountability of our staff through program assessment and evaluation and efficiency in process management. We value the accountability of students through the promotion of student honor codes.
  • Civility because we view self-respect and consideration for diverse perspectives, cultural differences, varied preferences, and different worldviews as the foundation for everything we do.
  • Diversity as it increases the depth and breadth of the discussion, thus leading to better results.
  • Collaboration to create, promote, and build partnerships between faculty, staff, students, and external constituents. We continually build relationships and partnerships with our local, state, and global communities to provide exceptional service.

Student Rights & Responsibilities


Annual Reports

  • Biennial Report
  • Clery Report
  • Division of Student Affairs Annual Report

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