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Have you taken the ACT Compass® Test before???

If you are a first time applicant to Darton College and have already taken the ACT Compass® Placement Test at another school, you should immediately request that school send your scores to the Admissions Office. Admissions will match your records with your application for admissions and determine if you should test again.

If you attended Darton previously and plan to enroll again, only the Records Office can advise you on any testing requirements. If you are required to Placement Test again, you must meet admission requirements. Call 229-317-6544 for information.

What do your Placement scores mean?
Admission Requirements?

All applicants not exempted from the ACT Compass® Placement test must meet minimum requirements for admission. After the first test attempt, one retest is allowed.

You may view or print the Placement Test Admission Requirements and Retest Policy.

Learning Support classes, although required for students who place into them,
do not count for college credit and do not figure into the GPA. They do,
however, count towards accumulated hours for the HOPE scholarship.

For more Learning Support Information, go to

IMPORTANT! for You to Know

Question: Is everyone required to take the Placement Test?
Answer: There are exemptions and the Admissions office makes the final determination. See http://www.darton.edu/current/testing/exempt.php.
Question: Is there a Testing Deadline?
Answer: YES – Contact the Testing Center, 229-317-6735, for the ACT Compass® Placement deadline for the upcoming semester. Start registration for your first test here.
Question: I do not live near the Darton campus and I plan to be an Online Student. Where can I test?
Answer: Click on the registration icon at http://www.darton.edu/current/testing/compass.php. Answer the questions appropriately and you’ll be directed to a Request to take the Placement Test Off Campus. Follow instructions so that we can access your request and contact you.
Question: Can I retake the PLACEMENT Test to improve my scores?
Answer: YES, if you are considered a first time tester. Applicants who test at the Albany or Cordele campus will be given retest information immediately after the test. You are not required to retest. You may voluntarily retest at a cost of $10 per area – exact cash. No checks or credit cards accepted.
Retesting must be completed BEFORE you meet with
an advisor and register for classes AND must be completed before the deadline. See
DO NOT sign up online for retesting
Follow instructions given to you by Darton Testing Personnel.
Question: Who is considered a first time tester?
Answer: In general, students who have not attended college within the previous three (3) years would be first time testers. Other admissions records may be of importance. For correct placement test advisement, (1) submit your application for admissions and (2) have all records required by Admissions sent to that office as soon as possible.
Question: I took the placement test at an off campus site. How can I retest?
Answer: If the Testing Office set up your off campus testing, we will contact you as soon as we receive your scores. If Testing did not arrange your first test, send an email to deborah.beaty@darton.edu explaining your situation.
Question: What should I do before I test?
Answer: PREPARE! We have suggested preparation links at http://www.darton.edu/current/testing/links.php
Question: I have more questions. Is there more information?
Answer: Yes. Go to the Frequently Asked Questions at http://www.darton.edu/current/testing//placementFAQ.php

Testing Center Contact: deborah.beaty@darton.edu

The Testing Center department is responsible for the information on this page.
For questions regarding content, or for further information, please contact Email: Debbie Beaty
Testing Coordinator
Building G, Room 101
(229) 317-6735.

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