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The Core Curriculum for Area F

Transfer Associate of Arts Degree Programs
Art (0002)
Humanities Division

Courses Related to the Major - 18 hours Prefix Number Hours
Design I ART 1020 3 hours
Design II ART 1030 3 hours
Art History I ART 2280 3 hours
Art History II ART 2285 3 hours
Drawing or ART 1010  
Basic Photography or ART 1110 3 hours
Ceramics I ART 2140 3 hours
Watercolor or ART 2130  
Electronic Art or ART 2150  
Painting ART 2120 3 hours


18 hours

A B.A. requires Foreign Language credit through the intermediate level. A B.S. requires Foreign Language credit through the first intermediate course.

Advanced art students may enroll in the Art Practicum (ART 1150). Art 1150 cannot be substituted for any of the courses in Area F.