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Students entering Darton State College for transfer programs are assured that the first two years of study will apply toward virtually any field that may be chosen.

Adoption of a six-area Core Curriculum by the University System of Georgia was implemented beginning with the Fall Semester, 1998. This new core has enhanced transferability across the University System. The six areas of the new Core Curriculum are: A--Basic Skills (9 hours); B--Institutional Options (4 hours); C--Humanities/Fine Arts (6 hours); D--Science, Mathematics, and Technology (11 hours); E--Social Sciences (12 hours); and F--Courses Related to the Program of Study (18 hours). There will be a total of 60 semester hours of credit in the core and the 42 semester credit hours of Areas A-E may apply to virtually any field of study. The Areas A - E menu link on the left side of the page provides access to a synopsis of the Core Curriculum.

The Area F menu link provides access to detailed programs of study specifically offered at this College. However, preparation for advanced study in any other subject area may be begun with confidence at Darton State College. Students who intend to pursue a four-year degree but are uncertain of the program they wish to follow should take the General Studies program until they choose a major.

The following specific provisions are to be adhered to in the implementation of the Core Curriculum:

  1. Physical education requirements are to be over and above the Core Curriculum requirements of 60 hours.
  2. Orientation requirements are to be over and above the Core Curriculum requirements of 60 hours.
  3. Proficiency exemption examination in any of the Core Curriculum courses, when successfully passed at a home institution, will be honored by the receiving institution and credit accorded.
  4. Nothing in this core should be construed to mean that any specific courses must be required. Rather, the intent of this Core Curriculum is that demonstrated achievement in the core area is determined by the institution where the core, or the fractional part thereof, is taken.
  5. Each institution is to determine whether its own students satisfy the core requirements. This determination shall then be honored by all other institutions as satisfying their requirements as well, if the core is completed. If only a fractional part is completed at the home or initial institution, the receiving institution shall give full credit for those hours taken but shall determine which courses will be taken to satisfy its own requirements.

Students are encouraged to discuss the Core Curriculum with their academic advisors in order to understand the importance of the Core Curriculum in relation to all programs of study offered by all institutions of the University System of Georgia.

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