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The Core Curriculum for Area F

Transfer Associate of Arts Degree Programs
Journalism and Mass Communication (0009)
Humanities Division

Courses Related to the Major - 18 hours Prefix Number Hours
Two Courses in Journalism 6 hours
Introduction to Mass Communications JOUR 1100  
News Writing and Reporting JOUR 1110  
Foreign Language Sequence - (May include 3 hours at the 1000-level) 6 hours
Select One Course From the Following: 3 hours
Professional and Technical Writing or ENGL 2230  
Creative Writing or ENGL 2210  
Writing Non-Fiction or ENGL 2220  
Human Communication COMM 1100  
Interpersonal Communication COMM 2105  
Public Speaking COMM 1110  
Select One Course From the Following: 3 hours
Accounting I or II ACCT 2101, 2102  
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology ANTH 1103  
Art History I or II ART 2280, 2285  
Fundamentals of Computer Applications CISM 2201  
English (2000-level intermediate courses)      
Economics ECON 2105, 2106  
Foreign Language      
Geography GEOG 1101  
Philosophy PHIL 2205  
Political Science      
Introduction to Statistics MATH 2205  


18 hours

A B.A. requires Foreign Language credit through the intermediate level. A B.S. requires Foreign Language credit through the first intermediate course.