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The Core Curriculum for Area F

Transfer Associate of Science Degree Programs
Respiratory Therapy (0086)
Science/Mathematics Division

Courses Related to the Major - 18 hours Prefix Number Hours
Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II BIOL 1111K and


8 hours
Essentials of Microbiology BIOL 1115 4 hours
Major Electives:
Introduction to Statistics MATH 2205 3 hours
Computer Science I CSCI 1301 3 hours
Introductory Physics I and/or II or PHYS 1111K and/or 1112K 4-8 hours
Principles of Physics I and/or II PHYS 2211K and/or 2212K  
Principles of Chemistry I and II CHEM 1211K and 1212K 4-8 hours
Principles of Biology I and II BIOL 1107K and 1108K 4-8 hours
General Psychology PSYC 1101 3 hours
Human Growth and Development PSYC 2215 3 hours


18 hours

For further information, please contact:

Science/Math Departmental Secretary
Mary Ann Gates 
Division of Science/Mathematics
Darton State College
2400 Gillionville Road
Albany, GA 31707
(229) 317-6559