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The Core Curriculum for Area F

Transfer Associate of Arts Degree Programs
Speech Communication (0016)
Humanities Division

Courses Related to the Major - 18 hours Prefix Number Hours
Four Courses in Speech 12 hours
Human Communications COMM 1000  
Interpersonal Communication COMM 2105  
Public Speaking COMM 1110  
Voice and Diction COMM 2210  
Select Two Courses From the Following: 6 hours
Acting or THEA 1105  
Theatre Appreciation or THEA 1100  
Oral Interpretation or THEA 2105  
Philosophy or PHIL 2205  
Statistics or MATH 2205  
Professional and Technical Writing or ENGL 2230  
Introduction to Mass Communications or JOUR 1100  
News Writing and Reporting JOUR 1110  


18 hours

A B.A. requires Foreign Language credit through the intermediate level. A B.S. requires Foreign Language credit through the first intermediate course.

By enrolling in the Theatre Practicum (THEA1000), students can earn academic credit for participation in a theatrical production. THEA1000 cannot be substituted for any of the courses in Area F.