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If a conflict occurs between a student and a faculty member, the Division Chair and/or VPAA will try to resolve the issue by examining the guidelines defined on the course syllabus. For that reason, your course syllabus must contain all of the information needed to define your course.

For each course taught, a printed syllabus must be developed and distributed to the students on the first class meeting. A copy of the syllabus should be provided to the Office of the Division Chair prior to the first class meeting. At a minimum, the syllabus will include the following:

Course description (from catalog)
Textbook requirements
Equipment Requirement
Class objectives
Topics/chapters to be covered
Learner outcomes for the course (see Division Chair's Office)
Attendance/Absence policy
Grading policy
Examinations, including individual weight
Extra class assignments
E-mail address and/or telephone number of faculty
The following disability statement:

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Darton College will honor requests for reasonable accommodations made by individuals with disabilities. Students must self-disclose their disability to the office of Disability Services before academic accommodations can be implemented.

Statement of instructor's disciplinary procedure for student academic dishonesty

The Student Handbook outlines authorized penalties that an instructor can pursue for student academic dishonesty. The instructor should either refer the student to the Student Handbook or include one or more of the following penalties for academic misconduct:

  1. A reprimand from the instructor
  2. A requirement to resubmit the assignment in which the irregularity occurred
  3. A grade change for the course and/or assignment in which the irregularity occurred
  4. Referral to the Division Chair for Judicial Committee disposition