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File Photo of Campus ShotOur faculty, our professional staff, and our support staff come from diverse educational backgrounds and cultures and are, therefore, able to relate to your goals and aspirations—more importantly they are dedicated to facilitating your success through both curricular and co-curricular activities. Collectively, faculty and staff offer multiple programs, services, and conversations designed to ease your transition to Darton, to facilitate your academic and personal development, and to facilitate your acquisition of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes requisite to success at Darton and beyond. In the process, many faculty and staff at Darton will become your lifelong friends.

Faculty teaching transfer courses have advanced degrees in their academic fields; all are career teachers; and all are genuinely excited when sharing their experiences and knowledge with you. Because Darton believes that learning requires conversation and interaction, Darton guarantees that you will never learn in a large lecture hall and that you almost always will learn in a class with fewer than 25 students.