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Standards of Progress Policy

To receive financial aid, the successful student must make both qualitative and quantitative progress each term. The Standards of Progress policy is mailed to each student with the financial aid Award Letter.

The educational Amendments of 1976 provide that financial aid payments through Title IV federal programs must not be made if a student is not making satisfactory academic progress in the declared program of study. At Darton College the definition of satisfactory academic progress has three (3) components as defined below:

  1. Qualitative Standards of Progress - To remain in good standing, the financial aid recipient is expected to maintain the same grade point average as any other enrolled student. This standing takes into account the number of hours attempted and is computed as follows.
    Semester Hours Attempted Minimum Grade Point Average (GPA)
    0 - 30 Not Classified
    31 - 40 1.80
    41 - 50 1.90
    51 or more 2.00
    Students falling below these minimums will be placed on academic probation. Students are removed from probation when the GPA equals or exceeds the minimum for the hours attempted. Students who earn a 2.00 GPA during any semester in which they are on probation, but do not raise their cumulative average sufficiently to be removed from probation, will be continued on academic and financial aid probation.
    Students on probation will be suspended for one semester unless:
    1. They remove themselves from probation, or
    2. They achieve a 2.00 GPA for the current semester.
    Students who are suspended for failure to meet one of the conditions stated above will be ineligible for financial aid until they have earned credits equal to the number hours normally taken per semester, i.e. a student who normally takes ten hours per semester must earn ten hours of credit before financial aid can be reinstated.
  2. Quantitative Standards of Progress - In addition to maintaining the qualitative requirements defined above, the financial aid recipient must satisfactorily complete a portion of the work taken each semester in order to remain eligible for financial aid. The table below defines the completion requirement based upon the program hours attempted.
    Program Hours Attempted Satisfactory Completion Requirement
    12 or more 8
    10 - 11 7
    9 6
    7 - 8 5
    6 4
    4 - 5 3
    3 2
    1 - 2 1
    Satisfactory completion is defined as a grade of "D" or better except in those courses where a "D" grade must be repeated (ENGL 1101, ENGL 1102, Nursing Courses, etc.) A grade of "IP" in Developmental Studies shall be considered satisfactory although a student may receive assistance for no more than 4 attempts in any remedial area. Grades of "F", "WF", or "W" shall be considered unsatisfactory.
    A student who fails to satisfactorily complete the required number of hours in a given semester will be ineligible for continued aid until such time as the equivalent of a normal semester's course load has been satisfactorily completed. Students in this category may be placed on financial aid probation rather than suspension if there are extenuating circumstances. The Financial Aid Appeals Committee will review students for probation on a case by case basis; where there is substantial justification, the Committee may recommend reinstatement of financial aid.
  3. Maximum Length of Time for Assistance - Based upon the quantitative standards of progress above a student who enrolls full-time would be eligible for a maximum of six (6) semesters of assistance in most programs. One additional semester would be allowed in certain career programs which are five (5) semesters in length. A student enrolled half-time would be eligible for a maximum of twelve (12) semesters. Since enrollment patterns vary from semester to semester, students will be evaluated on an individual basis.
    Reinstatement of Financial Aid - It shall be the student's responsibility to petition the Financial Aid Office for reinstatement of financial aid prior to the beginning of the semester in which aid is requested.
    Right of Appeal - A student whose aid has been terminated for any of the reasons stated above shall have the right to appeal the suspension to the Financial Aid Appeals Committee which meets at the beginning of each semester.
    Change of Major - A student who changes major will be under the time limitation as described above under Maximum Length of Time for Assistance. All previously earned credit which is applicable will be applied to the new major.
    Determination of Award Amounts - In determining a student's eligibility for aid and the category of aid (full-time, three-quarter, half-time) only those courses required for graduation or remediation shall be considered. Repeated courses will not be counted if the original grade was satisfactory. This in no way prohibits a student from taking other courses of their choosing but simply means such courses cannot be used in computing the student's course-load for financial aid purposes. The s student wishing to be full-time for aid purposes would be well advised to register for a minimum of twelve (12) semester hours of work required by the major.

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