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Academic Standing

The purpose of probation and suspension is to assure the wisest and most beneficial use of the time and resources of both the student and the institution. It is the general requirement of most four-year institutions that transfer students seeking admission have a minimum overall average of 2.0 (C) for all previous academic work attempted. Darton College probation and suspension policies must not be construed as being congruent with such policies of all other colleges.

Two factors affect a student's academic status. One is the cumulative grade point average (GPA). This is computed by dividing the grade points earned at Darton by the degree credit hours attempted at Darton. Courses which carry no credit or "institutional credit" are not used in the GPA computation. The other factor which affects a student's academic status is the number of degree credit hours attempted at Darton. Only degree credit hours are used to determine a student's academic status. (See also Darton College Catalog "Semester Credit Hours," page 37, and "Grade Point Average Computation," page 40)

Students will be placed on academic probation when they have attempted degree credit hours shown in the left column in the following table and have not earned at least the grade point average shown in the right column. For example, students who have attempted 31 credit hours and have a GPA of 1.79 or below will be placed on probation.

Degree Credit Hours Attempted Minimum GPA required
0-30 Not Classified
31-40 1.80
41-50 1.90
51 or more  2.00

Removal of Academic Probation - Students will be removed from academic probation when their grade point average is raised to the level specified in the table above.

Continuation of Academic Probation - Students who earn a 2.00 GPA during any semester in which they are on probation, but do not raise their cumulative average sufficiently to be removed from probation, will be continued on academic probation.

Academic Suspension - Students on academic probation will be suspended for one semester unless:

  1. They remove themselves from probation, or
  2. They achieve a 2.00 GPA for the current semester.

After the first suspension, any subsequent suspension (s) will be for three semesters each suspension.

Credits earned at another institution during a period of suspension may not be subsequently transferred to Darton College. Students who re-enroll after a period of suspension will re-enroll on Academic Probation.

Learning Support Probation/Suspension - Students must remove academic deficiencies within the specified time established by the Board of Regents. A student who has not completed requirements for exiting a Learning Support area (Reading, English, Math) after two attempts shall be placed on Learning Support probation. Receiving any of the following grades is considered an attempt: A, B, C, D, F, WF, S, U, I, or IP. A student who does not complete requirements for an area in twelve semester hours or three semesters, whichever occurs first, will be suspended. The student may not be considered for readmission within three years of the suspension.

Prior to suspension, the student may appeal to the Darton College Academic Appeals Committee for one additional course if the student has reached the limit in only one Learning Support area, is in an exit level course, and has been evaluated and determined to have a reasonable chance of success. If granted the additional course, the student may enroll in only the Learning Support course.

All time spent in Learning Support areas within the University System of Georgia is cumulative. Students shall not be allowed more than three attempts or twelve semester hours, whichever comes first, in a Learning Support area even though some attempts may have been at another University System institution. To allow for variations that may occur in credit hours for courses at various institutions, Darton College will grant a transfer Learning Support student with fewer than three semesters and twelve semester hours in an area an additional semester (up to a total of fifteen semester hours at all institutions) if the student was making appropriate progress at the sending institution and is entering the exit level course at Darton College.

Academic or Suspension Appeals - The normal procedure to appeal academic matters such as grading, attendance, teacher techniques, student/teacher conflicts, or anything else associated with the academic process is: (1) to discuss the matter with the instructor concerned; (2) if the grievance has not been resolved, to discuss the matter with the chairperson of the division concerned; (3) if the grievance still has not been resolved, to discuss the matter with the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Vice President for Academic Affairs may rule on the grievance or refer the matter to the Academic Appeals Committee. The appeal from the Appeals Committee is to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The on-campus source of appeal, after all other options have been exhausted, is the President of the College.

Students who have been suspended for academic reasons should, if they feel there were extenuating circumstances, ask for an appointment for a hearing before the Academic Appeals Committee.

For the convenience of students, the Academic Appeals Committee sits at the beginning of each semester. Students may contact the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (229) 317-6710 to make an appointment.

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