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Darton State College Policies and Procedures

Notification of Additional Fees/Monetary Requirements by Course


This policy sets forth the procedure for notifying students of additional course fees and monetary requirements as mandated by Federal Requirement 4.8.


Students will have access to information regarding additional course fees and monetary requirements prior to making registration decisions. Typically, additional fees or monetary requirements must not be added to a course following the registration period for a particular term.

To ensure that all students are aware of this information, each semester the college will:

  • Contact instructors prior to registration to determine if a course will have additional requirements (proctored testing, etc.).
  • Update information as needed on Darton State College’s Online Learning website under “Additional Course Fees”
  • Display current information throughout the registration area on registration days.
  • Display the following message in MyDC for students who web-register:
    Some courses require additional fees, the purchase of additional course items (other than books), and/or proctored testing. Please visit and click Additional Course Fees to check the courses for which you are registering.

For more information, contact the:
Online Education Committee

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