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Attendance Requirements for Online Courses


This policy sets forth the procedure for attendance in online courses to remain in compliance with state and federal regulations to maintain accurate attendance records.


Darton State College expects online students to participate in all instructional activities. Online courses will have, at a minimum, weekly mechanisms for student participation, which can be reviewed, documented, and reported. (Email and other correspondence lack transparency, therefore, do not qualify as methods that may be counted for weekly attendance assignments.)

An online academic week (for attendance purposes) is defined as Monday 12:00 a.m. through Sunday 11:59 p.m. EST. excluding school holidays and closings.

For purposes of establishing attendance in their online class, students must attend weekly and one of the following items (showing academic progress) must be completed each week as directed by the instructor and outlined in the syllabus:

  • Submit an academic assignment using D2L tools/features (excluding e-mail) and/or through publisher website assignments
  • Complete a quiz or exam
  • Participate in a discussion board assignment

Note: Logging into class without active participation as defined above does not count as weekly attendance. Assignments submitted in a week other than the one when the assignment is due will not count towards attendance for the previous week; participation must occur during the week attendance is counted.

Students who have extraordinary circumstances (deployment, surgery, etc.) may be exempt from weekly attendance requirements for a set number of weeks if requested and coordinated with the instructor. (Requests should be made in writing and when possible in advance.)

Students are strongly encouraged to log into class at least three times a week in order to immerse themselves fully in the subject matter and benefit from the learning experience.

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