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Profile Picture Guidelines for Online Courses


This policy sets forth the guidelines for the posting of profile pictures within the online learning environment.


Darton State College believes that online profile pictures can bring a community to the online classroom and enhance the online learning environment. It is important that the profile pictures do not distract from the learning environment. While students are encouraged to post a profile picture, it is not a requirement. If a student chooses to post a profile picture, it must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Picture must be of the student only (may not include other individuals) and should be “headshots” (taken from the shoulders up)
  • No images, clipart, or symbols
  • Backgrounds and foregrounds of profile pictures should be neutral and non-distracting (no symbols, images or clipart)
  • Profile pictures must present the student in appropriate attire as defined by the college’s student handbook (IV-A-9) which states:
    ...students are expected to dress in a manner conducive to an educational environment. A student’s attire should never be lewd, indecent, or distracting to the educational process.

Darton State College reserves the right to remove any profile picture that violates the above policy and take appropriate actions as outlined by the student code of conduct.

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