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Financial Aid

The Darton State College Office of Student Financial Aid is available to help traditional and distance learning students find sources to help finance your education. Possible sources include grants, scholarships, loans and employment opportunities. To explore financial aid options, submit a free financial aid application online, or search the Internet for scholarship opportunities visit the Student Financial Aid Web Pages.

Or contact the Financial Aid Office directly at:

K Building, Room 111
Phone (229) 317-6951
Fax (229) 317-6607

The purpose of the Darton State College Financial Aid Program is to provide financial assistance to students who need funds to attend the College.

Darton State College believes in equal access to education and realizes that the economic circumstances of some families make it necessary for the student to obtain assistance from other sources. Most aid awards are based on the financial need of the applicant. Financial need is established when it is determined that the resources of the family do not meet the educational costs of the institution. A student's financial need is defined as the total cost of attending the institution minus the computed family contribution.

It is important to apply for financial aid as early as possible to allow for complete processing of your financial aid applications. We want to help you reach your educational goals. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed annually to assist in determining financial need using confidential information provided by the applicant. The Darton State College Federal identification number to be used on the FAFSA is 001543. The student must also complete a Darton State College Financial Aid Application annually.

See the Darton State College Student Financial Aid web pages for more information on completing your Financial Aid applications.

Prospective students may make a request for financial aid materials at any time.

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