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Academic Renewal

The Academic Renewal program provides the opportunity for degree-seeking students within the University System of Georgia who have experienced academic difficulty to have one final opportunity to earn an associate or bachelor's degree at a system school. A student at Darton State College seeking Academic Renewal status from former enrollment at Darton must have had a three-year absence from Darton State College. A student may be granted Academic Renewal status only once.

Former Learning Support students may apply for Academic Renewal only if they successfully completed all Learning Support requirements prior to the commencement of the three-year period of absence.

All previous coursework and academic standing continue to be reflected on the student's official transcript. Academic credit for previously completed coursework, including transfer courses, will be retained only for courses in which a A, B, or C grade has been earned. The renewal grade point average is begun when the student resumes taking coursework following approval for Academic Renewal. Retained grades are not calculated in the Renewal GPA. The Renewal GPA begins with the semester following re-enrollment. Required courses with D or F grades must be repeated at the Academic Renewal institution. All remaining courses for the student's current degree program must be completed at the Academic Renewal institution. A student classified with Academic Renewal cannot attend another institution as a transient student.

Re-enrolling students who have been out of school for three years and who do not request Academic Renewal status at the time of re-enrollment may request the status within three academic semesters or within one calendar year, whichever comes first.

Students wishing to apply for Academic Renewal must complete an "Academic Renewal Application (pdf format)." Once the application is completed, the Vice President of Academic Affairs will determine eligibility. Academic Renewals are evaluated on a monthly basis.

Revised: July 30, 2015

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