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Darton College Policies and Procedures

Book Buy Back / Refunds

A 100 percent refund of the purchase price of the book will be given during the first seven (7) days of classes following late registration/drop add day for a regular term class each semester upon presentation of proof of withdrawal from the class and a sales receipt. Beginning the eighth day of classes, 50 percent of the purchase price will be refunded. For an "A" or "B" Term class, 100 percent refunds for books will be processed through the first five (5) days of the appropriate term. After that time, there will be a 50 percent refund on textbooks.

No refunds are permitted on OPTIONAL course books purchased, i.e., you purchase a book and after attending class decide you do not need the book and want a refund. No refunds are permitted on books returned because another source for the book became available. Buy-back of books being used by Darton College will be at a rate of one-half of the purchase price of the book, i.e., when a used book is purchased then the buy-back price will be one-half of the used book price. Only books being used by Darton College the following semester will be bought back from students by the Bookstore. Used books will be priced for resale at a reduction of 25% from the new book price. No refunds are permitted on clothing or supply purchases. Exchanges only may be made for incorrect sizing on clothing. Refunds of any type require the presentation of a sales receipt.

Feel free to contact the BOOKSTORE MANAGER at (229) 317-6755 if there are any problems that you need to discuss.

Refer to the newest Catalog for updates and revisions.
Maintained by: OIT; Contact: Dorea Hardy
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