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Darton College Policies and Procedures

Campus and Classroom Disruptions

Policies on campus and classroom disruptions apply to all Darton College environments, including distance learning environments. (see also Computer and Network Use Policy)

Policies of the Board of Regents stipulate that any student, faculty member, administrator or employee, acting individually or in concert with others, who clearly obstructs or disrupts, or attempts to obstruct or disrupt any teaching, research, administrative, disciplinary or public service activity authorized to be discharged or held on any campus of the University System of Georgia is considered by the Board to have committed an act of gross irresponsibility and shall be subject to disciplinary procedures, possibly resulting in dismissal or termination of employment.

Ordinarily, disruptive behavior is not a problem in a college setting. However, should a student's classroom or clinical laboratory behavior be disruptive, the following policy applies:

If a student's conduct interferes with or disrupts the orderly class process, the instructor should promptly advise the student to cease the misbehavior. If the disruptive behavior continues, the instructor may ask the student to leave the class and to schedule a private conference with the instructor prior to returning to the class. The instructor may also refer the matter to the Dean of Students for appropriate disciplinary action.

If the student refuses to leave the classroom and continues the disruptive behavior, the instructor may discontinue the class session, inform the student not to return to class without the instructor's per­mission, and report the incident in writing to the Dean of Students. Such a report should include dates, times, action, names of persons involved, and names of witnesses. The Dean of Students then pursues the matter with the Vice President for Academic Affairs and through the student disciplinary procedure if necessary.

If, when the class next convenes, the student attempts to return to class without the prior permission of the instructor, the instructor may deny the student access to the class. If the student interferes with or disrupts the orderly class process and/or refuses to leave the classroom when requested by the instructor, the instructor may obtain the assistance of the campus security officers to remove the student from the class and prevent return to that class. The instructor will inform the Dean of Students of the incident without delay.

Campus disruptions pending or caused by acts of God (tornado) or of undetermined origins (fires or bomb threats) and other disruptions (accidents or traumatic illnesses) are to be dealt with by existing emergency plans that will if possible preserve life, property, and the normal operations of the College.

It is college policy that no pets, un-enrolled, or unauthorized persons (or other friendly but distracting elements) be brought into classrooms, library, or any other service area of the college unless specifically requested or authorized by the instructor or person in charge of the activity area. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult when visiting Darton College. All student activities sponsored events are for students with valid ID cards unless other­wise indicated. This restriction on persons, particularly members of the family, attending public college functions does not apply, as family members and friends are always welcome at public activities on campus, such as graduation or nurse pinning ceremonies.

Dr. Allia Carter
Interim Vice President of Student Affairs
Building K, Room 332 B
(229) 317-6728

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