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Career Development

Free career counseling services, to help distance learning students plan their career path, develop communication and job search skills, and obtain up-to-date occupational information, are available from the Career Development Center. Distance learning students who cannot to travel to the campus may receive career development services via phone, fax, e-mail, U.S. mail, and online career assessments.

To request services contact:

Gloria Ridgeway
Coordinator, Career Development Center
Student Center, Room 103 M
Phone: (229) 317-6919 Fax: (229) 317-6632

The Career Development Center is located upstairs in the Student Center, Room C-103. The Center is designed to aid students in making fundamental decisions about the uses of education in their careers and life goals. The counselors provide students with interest and personality inventories, individual counseling sessions, computer systems and "mini courses" on topics ranging from resume writing to job interview skills. The CDC further provides assistance in selection and planning of career paths, choice of majors, development and improvement of communication and job search skills, and discovery of up-to-date career/occupational information. As an educational support system, the Center furnishes the community and prospective and currently enrolled students with a variety of resources for achieving career goals.

The center maintains a library with career information on the nature of the work, entry-level requirements, future job trends, salary ranges, and prospects for advancement in more than 5,000 career areas. Comprehensive data on local and national employers and the kinds of candidates they are seeking are also available. Information on all aspects of student life, transfer procedures, admissions requirements, financial aid, costs, and programs of study for all four-year colleges in the state of Georgia and many colleges nationwide is available to assist students who want to transfer to senior colleges.

Individual and group advisement is provided to assist students in job readiness, getting a job, holding a job, promotions, and job changes.

Job Opportunities: Full-time and part-time employment opportunities are posted on a job board located downstairs in the Student Center, Room C-103. The Career Center also houses the job listings from the Georgia Department of Labor's Computerized Job Information System. The office can be reached at (229) 317-6865.

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