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Darton College Policies and Procedures

ACT Compass® Test

Depending on SAT I and/or ACT scores and completion of College Prep Curriculum (CPC) requirements in high school, some applicants to the college may be required to take the ACT Compass® placement test. The ACT Compass® test is a computerized assessment of student skills in the areas of reading, English, and algebra.

When placement scores indicate that students, including distance learning students, may not be able to attain their educational goals in one or more of the basic skills areas, they are required to enroll in the appropriate Learning Support courses prior to enrollment in the college-level basic skills courses. Currently ACT Compass® test scores below 74 in Reading, 60 in Writing, and below 37 in Algebra will require one or more Learning Support classes in each area of deficiency.

Learning Support courses are not part of any distance learning degree program at Darton State College. However, all students, including distance learning students, scoring below 430 SAT I Critical Reading (17 ACT English) or 400 SAT I Math (17 ACT Math) are required to take the ACT Compass® test and complete any Learning Support Requirements. Distance learning students not residing in the Albany, GA area may contact the Darton State College Testing Center (229) 317-6735 for information on placement testing at an alternative location.

Debbie Beaty
Testing Coordinator
Building G, Room 101
(229) 317-6735

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