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Disciplinary Action Appeals

When students are expelled or suspended by action of the Judicial Committee, they have the right to appeal in accordance with the following procedures:

Appeal in writing to the President of the College within five days after notification of the decision. The President, within five days, appoints a committee composed of three members of the faculty of the College or he utilizes the services of an appropriate existing committee. This committee reviews all facts and makes its findings and reports to the President. After consideration of the committee's report, the President, within five days, makes a decision, which will be final so far as the institution is concerned.

A student may appeal on grounds that the evidence was not sufficient to find a guilty verdict or other specified relevant grounds. In either case, the student states grounds for appeal in a written statement to the President.

The President will be given a tape recording and/or a written summary of the proceedings in the original hearing by the Judicial Committee. If a verbatim transcript has been made, it should be made available to the President for his consideration.

When the President of the College has rendered a decision in writing on an appeal, the student will be considered to have exhausted remedies on the local level.

Should the aggrieved person be dissatisfied with the decision of the President, that person shall have the right to appeal in writing to the Board of Regents. An appeal to the Board of Regents will be directed in writing to the Executive Secretary, Regents of the University System of Georgia, 244 Washington Street, S.W., Atlanta, Georgia 30334. This appeal must be submitted within twenty days of the action of the President and shall cite all reasons for dissatisfaction with the President's decision.

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