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Policies and Procedures

Grading System

The grading system used by Darton State College, in conformity with the University System of Georgia, is as follows:

Letter Grade Nature of Work  Grade Points
A Excellent 4.0
B Good 3.0
C Satisfactory 2.0
D *Passing 1.0
F Failure 0.0
WF Withdrew, Failing 0.0

 *Except as indicated in the course

The following symbols may be used as indicated but will not be included in the determination of the grade point average.

I - This symbol will be assigned only to students who were doing satisfactory work but, for non-academic reasons beyond their control, such as illness, injury or other emergency, were unable to meet the full requirements of the course. An "I" must be changed to a letter grade by the end of the next semester of attendance or it will be changed to the grade of "F." The "I" may be changed by completing the incomplete work as prescribed by the instructor or by re-enrolling in the course and completing all of the requirements.
W - This symbol will be assigned to students withdrawing from any class or the College after the last day to add a class, but before the end of the last day to drop a course without penalty.
S - This symbol will be assigned to indicate that credit has been earned in certain learning activities graded satisfactory or unsatisfactory.
U - This symbol will be assigned for unsatisfactory performance in a learning activity graded satisfactory or unsatisfactory.
V - This symbol will be assigned to students who audit a course. During the semester, students may not transfer from audit to credit status or vice versa.
K - This symbol will be assigned to students who receive credit by examination.

The following symbols are used only in Learning Support or other institutional credit courses.

IP - This symbol indicates that the student is making progress in the course but needs additional work to complete the course requirements and must re-enroll in the course.
P - This symbol indicates that credit has been earned in certain activities graded "pass" or "fail."
NR - This symbol is temporarily posted on a student's transcript when a professor fails to turn in grades on time. It will be removed when the actual grade is posted.

Grade Point Average (GPA) Computation

- The formula for computing a student's GPA is as follows:

Total Grade Points Earned ÷ Total Semester Hours Attempted = GPA.
Grade points are calculated on college degree credit courses, not institutional credit courses.

To arrive at grade points, multiply semester hour value of college level courses (all courses numbered 1000 or higher) by point value of grade earned. The point values of grades are A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, F and WF = 0. A sample computation of one semester's academic record by a student is as follows:

Course Semester Hours Grade Earned Grade Points
ENGL 0099 *4 B 0
MATH 1111 3 C 6
HIST 2111 3 A 12
BUSA 2106 3 B 9
GLOB 1105 2 A 8
PHED 1115 1 B 3
Total 12   38

38 ÷ 12 = 3.16 Grade Point Average

* Institutional Credit

A sample computation of a cumulative GPA is shown below:

  Grade Point Average Hours Carried Credit Earned Grade Points
Current 2.87 16 16 46
Previous Cumulative 1.94 17 12 33
Current Cumulative 2.39 33 28 79

It should be noted that the current cumulative grade point average is the quotient of the hours carried and grade points and is not the arithmetic average of prior grade point averages.

Repetition of Courses - A student may repeat a previously attempted course if required by academic regulations and/or upon the approval of his academic advisor. When a course is repeated, both the original grade and the grade in the repeated course will be used in determining the student's cumulative grade point average

When a course is taken which is similar to a course previously taken, credit cannot be received for both. Credit will be given for the course most recently taken, even if the most recent grade is lower than the previous grade.

Dr. Allia Carter
Vice President for Student Affairs
K Building, Room 332 B

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