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History Exemption Exams

The student must satisfy the requirements of the core curriculum or complete a specific program of study. All candidates are required to satisfy the provision of the Georgia State Code 32-706 as amended by the General Assembly, which requires all candidates for a degree to pass either a course in or an appropriate examination on the history of the United States, the history of Georgia, the United States Constitution, and the Constitution of Georgia. These requirements may be met by successfully completing American Government, POLS 1101, or taking an exemption exam as explained below:

To take an exemption exam and receive credit, the student must:

  1. Be currently enrolled at Darton State College.
  2. Call (229-317-6560)
  3. Score 70% or higher on the exam.
  4. Pass on the first attempt.

For Divisional Challenge Tests (complete course exempt exam):

  • HIST 2111 Study any American History book through 1877.
  • HIST 2112 Study any American History book after 1877 to the present.
  • POLS 1101 Study any U.S. Government text. Also study the appropriate book on reserve in the library for POLS 1101, specifically focus on the Georgia Government section. Also visit www.georgia.gov and review the government sections and state constitution

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