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Darton College Policies and Procedures

Leadership Program

The Leadership Program is designed to offer students training in leadership skills. It is open to students in all degree programs. Participants must take both credit and non-credit courses and complete community service activities to earn the Leadership Recognition Award which will be given on Honors Day. Requirements are listed below:

  1. Complete one of three alternatives for the Core Leadership Course.
    1. Honors Program Seminars
    2. Continuing Education Alternative
    3. LEDE 001 Darton College Leadership Development I and LEDE 002 Darton College Leadership Development II
  2. Enroll in three of the six leadership component courses. At least two of these courses will be offered each semester during the regular academic year.
    1. COMM 1110 Public Speaking
    2. ENGL 1102 English Composition II
    3. BUSA 2220 Human Relations
    4. ECON 2105 Principles of Macroeconomics
    5. HIST 2112 History After 1877
    6. POLS 1101 American Government
  3. Complete a community service project either as a volunteer or through the Cooperative Education Program. Service should be in a leadership position and documented.
Refer to the newest Catalog for updates and revisions.
Maintained by: OIT; Contact: Dorea Hardy
Each Department responsible for maintaining questions related to them.