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Darton College Policies and Procedures

Military Opportunities

There are numerous opportunities with the military awaiting Darton College students who graduate with an Associate degree. The United States Air Force, United States Army, United States Marine Corps, and United States Navy need a well-educated military workforce and Officer Corps to accomplish their missions. Military recruiters schedule regular visits with the Director of Student Activities and meet with enrolled students in Darton College's Student Center to discuss military programs and career opportunities.

The United States Air Force and the United States Army have accelerated enlistment programs for two-year college graduates. Associate degree graduates who enlist in the Air Force or Army enter at a higher rank and pay grade than those enlisted personnel with less than 60 semester hours. They also have more opportunities for job placement consistent with their academic courses of study while at Darton. For more information, contact local recruiters or telephone 1-800-257-1212 (U.S.A.F.) or 1-800-USA-ARMY.

The United States Marine Corps offers to qualified and currently enrolled Darton College students an opportunity to be part of their Platoon Leaders Corps (P.L.C. Program). Darton students attend the P.L.C. Program summer camp in Quantico, Virginia, after completing at least thirty (30) semester credit hours and after earning their Associate degree from the College. For more information, contact local recruiters or telephone 1-800-MARINES.

Darton College recognizes the newly established United States Navy Associate Degree Completion Program (A.D.C.P.). This new program is available to motivated, currently enrolled Darton College students who have more than one year (30 semester hours) of college credit and who qualify for the nuclear field. Qualified students enjoy great benefits, enlist with a nuclear guarantee, and earn while they learn. Upon completion of the Associate degree at Darton College and the United States Navy Nuclear Field "A" School and all advancement requirements, enlisted personnel advance to the rank of E-4 and "let the journey begin." For more information about this program, contact local recruiters or telephone 1-800-USA-NAVY.

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