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Student Services Committee

Through representation on the Student Services Committee Darton College students, including distance learning students, have a voice in recommending broad policies, guidelines, standard operating procedures and fund allocations. Since this is a policy level group, its composition is of persons able to view the total Student Affairs scope. The Student Services Committee is a standing committee and includes student activities as its primary concern. The committee reports to the Dean of Students. Committee members include faculty, staff, and students.

The Chair of the committee, faculty representatives, and staff representatives are appointed by the President of the College. Student representatives are appointed by the President from among the members of the Student Government Association.

A sub-committee of the Student Services Committee will be appointed by the Chairman. The sub-committee is charged with planning, within the resources available, a program of educational, cultural, recreational, and social activities. The sub-committee has an equal number of students and faculty represented. The Director of Student Activities serves as executive secretary with full voting rights.

After the broad guidelines have been established and the activities have been identified by the Student Services Committee, implementation is accomplished through or by the Office of Student Activities. The cost of implementing a particular activity might be expected to include funds for implementation personnel if necessary.

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