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Darton College Policies and Procedures

Transient Authorization

A Darton College student who wishes to enroll temporarily in another college or university must obtain prior permission to do so and should request that a letter of authorization be sent to the Director of Admissions of that college or university. The Darton College Registrar or Interim Vice President of Student Affairs may grant the permission and issue the letter of authorization. Credit earned while in a transient status may be transferred back to Darton College provided such credit carries a grade of "C" and satisfies curricular requirements. It is the student's responsibility to request that a transcript of credits be sent back to Darton College.

Dr. Allia Carter
Interim Vice President of Student Affairs
K Building, Room 332 B
(229) 317-6728

Frances Carr
Administration Building, Room A161
(229) 317-6744

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