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What Darton International Students Say

Photo: Anis Bajramovic

Anis Bajramovic
Bosnia, Spring 2013

My name is Anis Bajramovic, since I realize what do I want to become, my first goal was to be successful. Sports or school, that wasn't matter for me. When I graduated in high school, in my home country settled in Europe named Bosnia, I decided to study abroad. That excitement and experience by studying overseas couldn't be replaceable. Suddenly, I acknowledged to my family that I want to go in USA. To make it easier and swifter, helped me international coordinator of Darton College, Miss Diana Garner. She provided me all necessary paperwork and information's. Due to my goals, Darton College offered achievement on each side, whether to study or play sport. Something what could be issue was language. Darton College is offering program for studying English as a second language, so I was satisfied. I also looked for other school across whole USA, but in the end with all possibilities over here, I didn't think so much. All presented reasons are reasons why I decided to come, and now I am proud to be part of this institution. Now, I am here two months, and already I am adjusted like I spent whole life here, thanks to my new friends of course, all Darton employers, and teachers as well. We have all indispensable facilities. I shall suggest this college to everyone.

Photo: Abdullah Aljohani

Abdullah Aljohani
Saudi Arabia, Spring 2013

My name is Abdullah Aljohani. I am from Saudi Arabia in the Middle East. There are many colleges to choose from in Georgia; however, Darton State College has been the best choice for me. The City of Albany has helped me meet new friends and get used to America. The most important reason why I chose Darton College is because of the reasonable tuition and cost of living. The teachers here at Darton College have been very friendly and willing to help when I am in need. Another reason why I chose Darton College is because I can pursue a four-year degree in nursing. Darton offers a 4 year degree in nursing. When I graduate, I plan to move back home to Saudi Arabia. The education I will receive from Darton will help me give my patients the best care. I have made a lot of friends at Darton, both Americans and international students. l look forward to the future here at Darton College, and I am anxious to see what else it has in store for me.

Photo: Terrence Garcia

Terrence Garcia
Curacao, Spring 2013

My name is Terrence Garcia and I’m 18 year old.

I’m from the island called Curacao, itís near Venezuela. This is my first semester here at Darton and my major is Physical therapy. I heard about this school from a close friend of my father. I thought let me take a look on the website and see what they got to offer. The minute when I visited Darton website I decided that I want to go to this school and here am I. I think Darton is a great school for international students because it gives you allot of opportunities to be successful in your career and life. If you love sports we got almost every sports and each one of them has a good team. I’m happy to be a part of Darton State College.

Photo: Gil Moura

Gil Moura
Brazil, 2012

“Six years ago, I successfully graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising & Marketing in Brazil and, right after, I completed a MBA in Business Management in Brazil. My academic ultimate goal is to become a PhD in Mass Communication in USA. English is my second language and my academics and English have to be improved. Darton College was the right choice in those matters because I have the opportunity to pursue all knowledge of the English language required by the university where I will apply for the PhD program. As a foreign student and as someone who wants to achieve higher level of education, I am glad to choose Darton because it is no doubt that Darton is providing me with high quality education for a reasonable price. I am about to complete my first year at Darton and I am glad to see how much improvement I have already made.”

Photo: Kavya Devidas

Kavya Devidas
India, Fall 2012

My name is Kavya Devidas and I am from India. Being an international student it is not easy to cope with sudden change in subjects, language, culture etc.. However, I felt at home here immediately, because people here are very friendly and welcoming. Darton has a small yet beautiful campus where help is found easily. I never feel lost. This is a place where I rediscovered myself. The balance of academic and extracurricular activities is incredible. Every class has been a wonderful experience. I am very glad I chose to come to Darton rather than directly going to a large university as I feel more confident about my course and career now.

Photo: Luis Varela

Luis Varela
Mexico, Fall 2012

Leaving home for college is not easy; it means to leave friends, family and most important your home. Albany is a great chance for you to start a new life, especially at Darton State College. Darton has given me an opportunity to succeed as a better person and to follow my dreams to become an engineer. Darton prepares you with great teachers and study plans so that you can be prepared for the university. Darton State College is in a very peaceful city, Albany is not a small town, which means that there is always something to do, if you want to hang out with friends, go bowling or go to a fun park, to the movies, or just to hang out at the park or the zoo. Albany can give you many opportunities to have fun and Darton State College is a great chance to start working towards fulfilling your dreams to become what you desire to be.

Photo: Wael Zahrouni

Wael, Zahrouni

My name is Wael Zahrouni and I am from Tunisia located in North Africa. I could have chosen any college I wanted but not all colleges these days mix fun and education, so after I have done my research Darton is the place to be. Education is a very important thing at Darton where as fun is too. I get the average of A's and B's in most classes because of the help of the teachers. They make me feel like I am their son. Fun here is one of the most lovely things about Darton. The students are helpful and there are fun events every single week. Darton College is just the place to be. Hopefully my brother will join me at beautiful Darton College soon.

Photo: Serjosha Amthor

Serjosha Amthor

I have had considered a couple of schools here in the U.S., but Darton College has already been one of my top choices of schools. As soon as I contacted the school, help was offered very quickly and the International Coordinator gave me very helpful information. I did enough research online before I decided to choose Darton College. What I like most about the school is the great environment and what the school has to offer academically. It is a great study environment and help is never denied if needed. The professors are very friendly and are more than happy to help a student to succeed in college.

The most important requirements to me are an affordable school, an excellent education and at the same time the enjoyment of college life as a student. Albany is a small, quite but fun city. It is not too big so there are not many distractions that keep you from studying. I love being involved in the great student activities Darton has to offer. I made plenty of friends from all over America and the world. Darton gives me a lot of chances to meet and make new friends, and to learn more about their culture. So if you are looking for a school that offers great educational programs, professors who help students as much as they can, and plenty of opportunities to experience college life, than you should be a part of Darton College.

Photo: Mustapha Tamba

Mustapha Tamba
The Gambia

Having the ambition and determination to further strengthen your academic potential is one thing, but getting the right school to support your choice is another thing. As an international student who only wished to get the best and yet affordable “quality” education, I was faced with very challenging and crucial questions that you, too, may have: Does this school have a solid academic reputation? Can I even afford to go to the school? Is the location of the school ideal for students? Are the faculty, staff, and community helpful? I got my first relief when I realized that Darton College, despite its solid academic reputation and the quality of education, its tuition fees are quite reasonable. In addition, its location is very conducive for learning, and its faculty and staff, together with the community, are very helpful.

At Darton, I had the opportunity to get quality education and also leadership skills through serving as Vice Presidents of several campus clubs, while at the same time boasting my communication and team work spirit. Thanks to the helpful faculty, staff and the community, I was able to hold student leadership positions, volunteer for both campus and community events, and represent the school as an athlete...all while excelling in my studies. At Darton, I feel at home.

In short, Darton College has given me all I needed as an international student: quality and affordable education in an ideal environment, leadership and communication skills, and much more. As a foreign student, if you are thinking of pursuing your academic dreams, Darton would be a great choice to break barriers and build bridges, turning anxiety and nervousness into self confidence.

Photo: Priyanshi Naik

Priyanshi Naik

Choosing a college for further education was not an easy task for me. I had to short list my colleges by looking at their costs, level of education as well as the atmosphere. Luckily for me, Darton College easily fit all my requirements. It offered a high level of education, affordable fees, and a very welcoming environment.

I chose Darton college because it has a multi cultural environment, making it easy for me to adjust as an international student. The professors also know all the students by name and concentrate on each student during class as it is a small college.

Darton provides a large amount of activities ranging from clubs to sports. I have only been at Darton a month, and I am already getting involved with clubs and extracurricular activities. I feel like I have been here and known the people for years. Our new student center also provides fun activities such as bowling, pool, rock climbing, video games and table tennis that you can engage in whenever you need time off studying.

We also have monthly events that not only help bring students together but also get them involved around campus. The staff and students are very friendly and always willing to help at any time of the day.

If you are looking for a college where you can concentrate on your education and at the same time have an awesome college experience, then Darton College would be the right choice.

Photo: Ali Ryan with some kangaroos

Ali Ryan

As an international student there were many things I had to consider to decide if Darton College would be the right school for me. If you are looking for a school where there is a friendly atmosphere and education is of a high quality yet affordable, then Darton College is right for you! The friendly staff are always willing to help and I found the smaller classes made it easier to learn. This is something only a small schools can provide. You'll find that other students are friendly and there are plenty of other international students that are all sharing the same experience. There are always events going on to bring the international students together so you will never feel like you are alone.

There are heaps of different clubs, organizations and extracurricular activities to get involved in. If athletics is more your style, then try out for one of the sporting teams. The athletic programs provide international students with opportunities that a lot of people don't get in their home countries.

I recommend Darton College to any international student that is looking for a positively life changing experience academically and socially.

Photo: Nataliya Pivovarova

Nataliya Pivovarova

I was looking at various options upon completing my studies in Russia. I called my friend to see which college she was attending. I always wanted to study in the United States as the United States has one of the best educational systems in the world. My friend who was already a Darton student told me that Darton has 100 majors to choose from. I really was not looking forward to doing the admission paperwork as I do not like filling out forms but the International Coordinator at Darton was very helpful and explained the process to me step by step. Darton is everything that I expected: excellent location, warm climate, high quality education, small size classes and friendly students who are always willing to help you out even if they do not know you. The professors at Darton are excellent; they are always happy to help and answer all my questions. Darton is a two-year college which is much more affordable than a university. I can chose whether I want to job search after I graduate or transfer to a four year school. I was so happy when I came here as everything that I read on the web site about Darton was true. I recommend Darton College to every interested student!

Photo: Ye Eun Kim

Ye Eun Kim
South Korea

If you are one of those students who is concerned about expensive tuition fees for higher education in the United States, Darton College is definitely the right school for you to continue your study with affordable fees and a great academic system. Unlike other schools, Darton provides you with minimum students per class, which leads you to have a better chance to be taught effectively and get to know your professors. Needless to say the professors and staff are all very talented, enthusiastic, and kind; they are always willing to help you with academic difficulties and other non school related problems. Also, for those international students whose English ability is an issue, there are plenty of ESL programs, tutors, and activities to prevent you from getting behind in class and helping you to improve your English. Darton college also offers you plenty of fun activities where you can get involved, giving you the chance to know local students, when you feel like taking your mind off studying. I donít have any reason not to recommend Darton College to those international students out there who are seeking to complete higher education with affordable fees in United States. Come to Darton College to start your ideal life in United States!

Chavania Albury
The Bahamas

Darton College was one of many schools that I considered. Eventually it became one of my top choices when I did further research about the school. Darton College is a school that has an excellent teacher to student ratio. It has a great liberal arts academic program, which offers outstanding associate and transfer degrees for a two-year College. Darton College is also located in an excellent school environment. Albany is a small, quiet city located in southwestern Georgia. The city is not overpopulated and there are not too many activities during the week, which allows a lot of time for studying. So if you are a student that is looking for an affordable, excellent education, where the teachers are friendly and know you by nickname, you should choose Darton College.

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