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Computer Systems Administration Program Adds Prometric Testing and New Computer Forensics Course

May 07, 2010

The Computer Systems Administration program at Darton College is making some additions, including Prometric testing and a new computer forensics class.

Prometric has been added to the Darton College Testing Center. This will allow Darton to offer Microsoft certification testing for students. Darton already offers CompTIA and Cisco certification exams through VUE. Because Darton is a member of Cisco Academy, CompTIA E2C, and Microsoft IT Academy programs, students receive discounts of up to 50 percent for each exam they take. Darton’s Computer Systems Administrator and Cisco Support Specialist programs are designed to prepare the student for the certifications offered by these organizations.

A computer forensics course is being offered for the first time this summer at Darton. COPR 2334 Computer Forensics will be a hands-on course using various hardware and software tools. Computer forensics is used in the industry to seize and process electronic evidence, recover lost, deleted or hidden data, recover damaged or formatted hard drives, trace the origins of e-mails, or other communications which could lead to criminal evidence, and more.

Offered as a hybrid course, the class meets in person on Monday nights from 6-8 p.m., and exams and other assignments will be required online. This course is designed for both criminal justice and computer information students, as it explores the technical and legal aspects of this field. It rounds out the Computer Systems Security Certificate and the Criminal Justice Technology Certificate.

For more information, call Tom Price at (229) 317-6522 or e-mail thomas.price@darton.edu.

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