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Darton State College Receives Archery Grant

July 10, 2012

One of Darton State College's newest sports clubs has landed a big shot of support from one of the nation's largest sports foundations. The newly formed archery club at Darton, Company of Archers, was awarded $5,000 of archery equipment through a grant from the Easton Foundations.

On July 2, the Darton archery club eagerly received their new equipment from the Easton Foundations, which included 15 bows, 144 arrows, 45 targets, and related accessories. The foundation is also giving the club an additional $500 to help cover start-up costs.

"We're all very grateful that the US Collegiate Archery and Easton had enough faith in us to get us going," said Dr. Wayne Partridge, an assistant professor of English and the club's faculty adviser. "We can't have an archery team without bows, arrows and targets. We have gone overnight from having nothing to having some very good equipment. This will move the club years ahead where it otherwise would have been if we had to rely on fundraisers or members buying their own equipment."

Dr. Partridge traveled to Florida for several days in April to earn his Level II Archery Instruction certification from USA Archery and has received personalized training from one of the US National Team coaches. The club will be shooting recurve bows, the same style of bow being used at the London Olympics. Club members, most of whom have never shot an arrow before, will start practicing at the beginning of fall semester, with an eye toward their first big competition in spring 2013.

The Easton Foundations were created to support the growth of archeryfrom the elementary-school level to the Olympic platform. Darton applied for the grant this past spring through US Collegiate Archery, the governing body for the sport at the university and collegiate level.

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