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DSC to Host Election Straight Talk for Students

September 21, 2012

ALBANY - The 2012 presidential election is just around the corner and Darton State College is giving students the chance to learn more about each candidate. On Wednesday, September 26, from 11:00 a.m. to noon, Darton State College will host a campus-wide event called Election Straight Talk.

The event, sponsored by the Darton Honors Program, is designed to help Darton students learn about the presidential candidates from a nonpartisan perspective. Presenters will discuss each candidates' stance on major issues as well as why this election is unique. Students will also learn how they can register to vote.

"It is important that honors students as well as Darton students learn facts about the candidates so they can develop their own opinions concerning who to vote for rather than voting for someone because of social influences," said Ms. Shani Clark, assistant professor of communications and honors program coordinator. "In addition, many students are voting for the first time so they need instructions on how to vote. This is an important election and we want students to be prepared and registered to vote!"

Dr. Sarah Kuck and Mr. Roger Marietta, political science faculty members, will be the presenters. Dr. Kuck is an assistant professor of political science and an honors program recruiter. She has worked on campaigns for state and federal elected officials. Mr. Roger Marietta is an associate professor of political science and an elected City Commissioner for Albany, GA.

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